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I Just Completely Ran Out Of Skincare Products - Now What?

This last year I did something I never expected - I used up all the beauty and skincare products I'd bought in the drugstore round the corner. You know how it is - whatever's easiest. Some were the latest special - $15 two-for-one scrubs, cheap avocado masks, and mini spa kits. I even tried high end "miracle" concoctions that run $200+. But no matter how much they cost - or didn't cost - they didn't work.

My skin remained rough, dry, even mildly inflamed from the constant mask-wearing. Once I squeezed the very last drop from the very last tube, I felt a huge sense of accomplishment. I hadn't spent a penny on my skincare routine for an entire year! But honestly - that was hardly a win for me. It was high time for a fresh start.

My skin is really sensitive, so whatever I use has got to be gentle, but effective. But where to begin? I'd been let down by the cheapest and the most expensive skincare products alike.

I kept noticing a skincare line called FIOR that went viral on TikTok and people are going crazy for it. Expecting nothing and prepared to be let down once again, I decided to check out FIOR.

It sounded good. I appreciate the fact that FIOR's products are non-toxic, vegan-friendly, without any parabens, phthalates, mineral oil, or coal tar. Not only that, they even manufacture in facilities using 100% renewable energy. They use something called CBX, which features a meticulous selection of hemp derivatives for a refined, full-face experience.

Sounding good is one thing. Being good is another thing entirely. FIOR talks the talk, but does it walk the walk? I took a deep breath and braced myself to be disappointed yet again.

I started with FIOR's Clarifying Cleanser. Enriched with organic hemp seed oil, antioxidants, essential fatty acids, and botanical oils, it's supposed to clear away dirt and excess oil, unclog pores, and balance sebum levels. It replenishes moisture and improves your skin's overall look and feel.

I was truly skeptical. But after smoothing it over my face and neck, I was amazed. This stuff really works! Foundation, waterproof mascara, oil, all the built-up dirt had vanished, leaving nothing but my clean, clear glowing face. I was delighted. But also a little afraid of the next step. What if the Radiance Serum let me down?

I was intrigued by the notion that the antioxidants in the serum encourage collagen production. FIOR suggests that it'll even out the appearance of my skin, enhance its natural radiance, and keep it soft and supple. The Radiance Serum knocked it out of the park. My skin is naturally very dry, but my face looked – and felt – marvelous.

After the stresses and strains of lockdown, the worrying, the insomnia – all this and more left tired-looking bags under my eyes. I figured nothing could be done about it.

And even if the Awaken Eye Cream didn't live up to its claims, I could live with it because the cleanser and serum are so powerful. But FIOR to the rescue once again! Their eye cream diminished my dark, under-eye shadows and puffiness with their caffeine-packed formula and cool-tip applicator. I look refreshed and younger. Happier, too.

I noticed that they'll soon be launching 2 new items: FIOR's Rosé Purifying Toner that balances and replenishes; and a Perfecting Moisturizer that's built to revive and optimize. I cannot wait to add them to my FIOR ritual.

Even better, their reasonable prices make that possible. The Cleanser is $39, the Radiance Serum is $79 and the viral TikTok Awaken Eye Cream is $89. Comparable brands charge as much as $150 for the equivalent of FIOR's Serum alone.

Other companies charge more and deliver much less. Honestly, this is boutique-level, luxurious skincare at a fraction of the cost and the packaging is so unique, I love displaying it on my counter.

These days - the only skincare products I use are FIOR. They make my daily skincare ritual a breeze. I'm feeling fresh-faced and proudly a full-on FIOR girl.

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