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How Feals Helped Me With My Holiday Stress

This year has been crazy.

Between all the shocks and uncertainty, I've been feeling anxious and worried. And now the holidays are coming up. Don't get me wrong, I love the holiday season. But it's usually the most trying part of my year. And this year the holidays are going to be even more stressful than ever since everything is up in the air. I'm really dreading it.

I've been trying to find ways to help me relax—switching off the news and focusing on self-care. But nervous thoughts about the holiday season keep creeping in. Will I be able to travel? Will it be safe enough for family to visit? How am I going to buy gifts!?!

I was chatting with my friend Susan about how overwhelmed I was and she suggested I try CBD to help me relax. She recommended a company called Feals. I told her that I don't believe in CBD. I'd tried it before and felt nothing. Susan thought maybe the CBD I tried before wasn't the right strength and that I should check out the Feals Flight.

With the Feals Flight, you get a sample of three different CBD strengths, so you can figure out what's best for you before ordering a full-sized bottle. Apparently, the Flight helped Susan find the perfect strength for her.

She also told me that unlike other CBD brands, Feals only has 2 ingredients—full-spectrum hemp extract from Colorado and Oregon, and 100% organic MCT oil, a fat-burning superfood that ensures the maximum benefits of CBD.

When Susan said that the Flight was only $20, I thought, why not? So I hopped on the Feals site and was immediately comforted by how informative it is. Fealshas their own CBD hotline—a team of experts who will answer any customer questions.

I wasn't sure how long to space out the doses in the Flight, so I contacted the hotline. They explained the different doses are 40 MG, 80 MG, and 160 MG and recommended I try one a day. That sold me, so I ordered my Flight and it arrived within days.

The first day, I was feeling a little all over the place, so I tried 40 MG. I felt a slight difference, definitely moving in the right direction, but not quite enough for me. That evening, I was so exhausted from the day and knew I'd have trouble sleeping, so I took the 80 MG dose. This is when I really noticed a difference. I felt so much more relaxed, and was able to switch off and relax before bed time and forget about the stress of the day.

Last up, was the 160 MG. I took it late in the evening the following day and found myself dozing off so much easier. This strength would be great for when I'm struggling to sleep, which happens these days.

After trying all three strengths with the Flight, I decided to go for the medium strength—which is the 1200 MG full sized bottle. It gave me the desired peaceful effect I was looking for. If there's ever a time I need help getting to sleep I can double the dose.

I went on to order my full-sized bottle and saw that you can get 30% off with their subscription option, and cancel it if you need to, so I subscribed. Now my CBD is delivered straight to my door like clockwork without having to lift a finger!

When those tense feelings start, Feals helps me calm down. I already feel better about the holidays. Everything is still uncertain, but with Feals, at least I know I can keep calm while I figure things out.

Update: This December, gift a free Feals Flight to a friend when you make any purchase!

Promotion ends on December 31st at 12:59 PM PST. Customers, after making a purchase, will be able to send a digital gift card with a free flight to redeem.