Why Hemp Oil Makes The Best Gift

I only have about 30 minutes during the workday to myself, and I use it to read the news, slumped in my chair, shoveling noodles into my mouth.

Honestly, I don't hate it! I like reading up on trends during the day.

Somehow, I fell down a rabbit hole of health and wellness and ended up reading all about hemp.

Its Benefits

  • Reduced anxiety
  • Reduced pain
  • Reduced sleeplessness

Its Legality

  • 100% legal
  • Ships in all 50 states

Its Drawbacks

  • So many brands and not all high-quality
  • It can be pricey

I mentioned to my coworker how I'd be down to try it, and she told me she already uses hemp oil most nights. She's so straight and narrow, so it really knocked any stereotypes I had out the window.

She sent me some more studies and a link to her favorite oil from Feals. She likes ingesting the hemp oil because results arrive within 20 or so in minutes.

I ordered the lightest dose (a 600 MG bottle) on her recommendation to start, and after dropping the oil under my tongue, holding it for 30 seconds, and swallowing, I felt nothing!

Then, without fully realizing, I felt a gentle wave of calm washing over me. Oh! I felt sharp as a tack but relaxed. I untensed my shoulders for the first time in who knows how long and went back to washing dishes in my apartment, feeling renewed.

My best friend Rachel's (who's impossible to buy for) birthday was right around the corner, and I finally had a good idea what to get her.

Rachel doesn't know how to relax. She's an actor in the city and works 3 jobs, all while dealing with a lot of angst over auditions and her career. I'm so proud of my best friend, but she legit needs to calm down once in a while.

I got her the Feals Flight to try for just $20. It has all 3 potencies of their hemp with instructions on when and how to take it.

When she got it in the mail, I couldn't wait to see what she thought. She opened it up while we were on FaceTime, revealing the clean white box with 3 golden vials of oil of differing doses and said, "How did you know?!" She's been looking to try hemp for months now, but she found herself overwhelmed by all the research.

My dad also has chronic knee pain but is very averse to anything like this (he caught me smoking in high school once and it was not pretty).

We're both adults now and he's mellowed out, so I genuinely thought this could make his days better.

I got him a bottle of the Feals best-seller, which has 1200 MG of hemp per bottle.

I was really nervous, but I knew this could be great for him.

When he opened it up, he had no idea what it was. I explained everything, how to take it, how I was taking it, how Rachel took it, and he warmed up to the idea.

Still, I asked him weeks later if he'd used it, and he hadn't. We had a long conversation about it, and he told me he just never liked feeling high. I forced him to call Feals' 24/7 hotline, and they explained everything I said to him, but he trusted them over me (typical).

A week later, he called me up. He told me that his first dose made him forget he even had a bad knee, and it had made him grumpy for years.

Next time he called me, he told me that he keeps the bottle of Feals on his nightstand. He said he subscribed to get 30% off, so he'd never be without.

Hemp was a fun birthday gift for Rachel and a life-changing one for my dad. And it's great for me! If you're thinking about trying hemp oil, I'd say go with the Flight if you're nervous, or a full-size bottle from Feals; their oil is high-quality and the 2400 MG bottle is some of the most potent on the market.

Since it's non-psychotoxic, it's a fantastic gift for anyone in your life.

Update: The folks at FEALS are extending a special offer to our readers! Sign up for a membership and get 30% off your order, every time!

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