Fashion Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making

Fashion Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making

Fashion, like football, is governed by an expansive set of written and unwritten rules.

We all know about rules such as not wearing white after Labor Day, but the world of fashion faux-pas goes much deeper than that. Some of the most egregious fashion errors are basic missteps, born not of deep-seated aesthetic ignorance but instead of being in a hurry to get dressed in the morning.

Either way, the simple act of dressing for the day is often a veritable sartorial minefield. We can help you navigate it. Here are some of the fashion mistakes you don't know you're making—but now you do.

Tag–You're It

Whether they're the tags on the back collars of shirts or price and size tags you forgot to take off when you bought your new clothes, few unwanted additions to an outfit are more embarrassing than exposed tags. Showing up to a date with a flipped-up tag can be embarrassing, and walking into a meeting with a clear strip of tape running down the leg of your pants can be downright mortifying. Make sure to keep an eye out for any tags on new clothes, and always check the back of your neck for a tag that shouldn't be revealing itself.

The Clash

Sometimes bold statements are a little too bold. Clashing patterns between necktie and dress shirt can be distracting and even unsightly. Be careful of trying to overmatch two similar patterns. You don't want to fall into the uncanny valley, where you'll end up looking like a walking mass of the same color or pattern.

By the same token, not every pair of colors are meant to go together, either. Tread lightly when mixing brown, black, or navy together—while some will assure you that black and brown can go together just fine, you run the risk of committing a grievous error.

You're Not Quite With Me, Leather

Much like wood, leather can come in a variety of warm and rich shades. But if you pair your dark brown leather shoes with a light brown leather belt, serious fashionistas are going to raise an eyebrow. Pair brown leather with black leather and they may very well raise both. Paying no attention to how shades of leather match is one of the most common mistakes men make with their belt selections, and one of the most likely fashion mistakes you don't know you're making.

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