5 Reasons The Super Bowl Is The Perfect Time To Get Into Sports Betting

5 Reasons The Super Bowl Is The Perfect Time To Get Into Sports Betting

Super Bowl LV is almost here and we know you have predictions. An instinct, a hunch on the winning team… and if you want to make the game even more exciting, you need to download FanDuel Sportsbook and start betting.

They have an awesome limited time offer for new users.

Here are 5 reasons the Super Bowl is the absolute perfect time to get into sports betting.

1.It's not too late

You can literally start making bets right up until the game starts.

2. FanDuel Sportsbook will get you up to speed fast

Their interface is super user-friendly, so first-time players and seasoned vets will easily be able to navigate the complex world of sports betting. If you have any questions, they've got a full betting guide with a glossary, for all those terms.

3. There's a great offer

For new users and current users alike: 55/1 odds. Yes, really. Right up until kickoff, you've got 55/1 odds on the winner. That is big news.

4.It's fun with friends

Haven't seen your friends from last year's Super Bowl party? Hit them up and you can all bet together. It raises the stakes, especially if getting dunked in the group chat is on the line.

5. It's not just the Super Bowl

Not only do they have NFL, but you'll find college football, NBA, WNBA, NHL, golf, rugby, and much, much more. There are tons of boosted odds matches and bets to take advantage of every day, so you can really get into different sports.

It's gonna be a memorable Super Bowl, no matter who wins….but if your team wins, we bet you're gonna remember it a little more.

Signing up with FanDuel Sportsbook is easy; all you have to do is enter a name, card, and your ssn, so coaches and players can't bet. Sign up today for that 55/1 offer!

Get 55/1 odds now!

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