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FanDuel Faceoff - The Busy Professionals’ Unexpected Essential

From crowded morning commutes, client meetings that spill over, and zipping halfway across the country for work, travel should be my middle name.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my new job. In fact, it’s my dream role at my dream company, but the constant on-the-go mode is tiring and can be downright tedious.

Before you ask, I’ve done the tried-and-true plane activities like jamming out to music and reading (I usually nod off). Once, I brought a book of Sudoku puzzles - boring.

Luckily, during my last layover, I ran into Nino, a colleague from my last company who is a fellow football fiend. He introduced me to FanDuel Sportsbook, an app that completely leveled up how I engage with all my favorite sports. So, when he asked if I’d heard about their latest app – FanDuel Faceoff– my ears perked up.

Apparently, FanDuel Faceoff is an exciting new app from FanDuel in partnership with Game Taco – a provider of online games and tournaments. The best part, you can go up against real competitors for cold hard cash.

Nino said FanDuel Faceoff is now available for iOS users in 30+ states across the country including New York, California, and Texas – just to name a few. You just need to make sure that you are connected to WIFI.

Sounds too good to be true,” was my first thought. “But if Nino likes it, it has to be worth something!”

While getting started, I saw it’s similar to FanDuel’s Sportsbook. New users simply enter their names, personal info, and credit card. Since I’m already a FanDuel user, I popped in my Sportsbook password and logged into Faceoff.

Sportsbook User Bonus: Easily transfer any Sportsbook credits into your FanDuel Faceoffaccount.

After a few minutes, I was logged in, account funded, and ready to play. Although Nino had raved about their incredible game library, I wasn't expecting FanDuel Faceoff’s line-up to be this fantastic!

Here are a few of my fave Faceoff games:

  • Jordan Spieth’s Fairway Frenzy - Team up with Jordan Spieht, aim carefully and hit your ball into the hole in as few strokes as possible. Bonus, land on the green near the flag to score more points.
  • Wheel of Fortune - Play America’s Favorite Game Show for real cash! Spin the wheel, find consonants, and solve the word puzzle.
  • SCRABBLE Cubes - Combine different letter tiles to spell out words and gain points within the 4-minute time limit.

Unlike so many other gaming apps, FanDuel Faceoff restricts bot matches – this means I always go up against another real player. FanDuel Faceoff uses ‘Skill Matching’ which matches me against users at my skill level. Honestly, this keeps everything fair across the board. And hey, I can win cash prizes, all while commuting to work.

Goodbye, put-me-to-sleep-Sudoku, and hello excitement!

The best part is to be the fast, easy, and secure payouts – I can win real money playing against other living, breathing players all across the nation.

Between the new and challenging games, and the quick payouts, it’s clear that FanDuel Faceoff is the ultimate gamers' destination.

FanDuel’s Faceoff is the unexpected essential every commuter needs to make the most of those long rides home!

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