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5 Reasons To Check Out FabKids For Shoes + Clothes

No more trekking through department stores!

"Awh look how cute," is all I used to think when I saw little kids' clothes.

Fast forward a decade, add in a 5 and an 8-year-old, and all that has changed. Now it's a hassle to keep them dressed in practical clean clothes that still fit them, wash well, and look cute, too.

To make things even better, Carrie, my oldest, is getting very particular about what she wears. She's currently going through a leggings only phase. Oh, and her shoes must have sparkles.

My sister told me she recently got new shoes for all three of her kids on FabKids. She even sent me pics once the shoes arrived. Her kids looked super adorable in all of them, and what really caught my eye was how unique the designs were, and my sister said the quality is insanely good too.

I couldn't believe she got shoes for all her kids from just one site. My two go through their shoes so fast so I had to check out FabKids. And I'm so glad I did, not only are the shoes everything I've been looking for, but their whole children's appeal is perfect too.

Here are just 5 reasons why I'm now loving everything FabKids offers:

1. The Amazing Styles And Designs

I have never seen so many different styles for children. They have so much to choose from for every type of kid, no matter what their style is. You can take a short quiz that lets you choose your kids' favorite style - like skater, classic, or sporty for boys; or boho, trendy, or sweet for girls.

Then they show you all the pieces that match that, as a starting point. FabKids offers styles that your kids won't get anywhere else. All their shoes, boots, leggings, tops, sweaters, and bottoms are super unique, just like our kids!

2. It's Super Affordable

At first glance, I prepared myself for some crazy price tags, but I was so wrong. FabKids outfits and shoes are not only affordable, but they have great offers for their VIP Members.

When I signed up, I got access to so many other exclusive sales and offers. Two pairs of shoes from only $9.95 and full outfits from only $19.95 with free shipping. And as a member, you get exclusive access to their new drops every month.

3. FabKids Makes Everything Easy

Their site is gorgeous to browse and Carrie loves looking at it with me and picking out her favorite pieces. She's been obsessed with shoes ever since she started walking, and she was so excited by all of the super cute designs. FabKids' shoes are the perfect balance of stylish and functional, so even when she picks out a glittery pair of unicorn boots, I know they're going to be comfortable and last her a while. FabKids also has fully-styled outfits that include both tops and bottoms, with one price tag. No having to find pieces that match yourself. My shopping is done faster and is less of a headache.

4. The Membership is Completely Flexible

I didn't think a membership would be for me, but when I saw the amazing offers members receive and how much my kids and I loved all the clothes and shoes, it made sense to sign up.

When you're signed up as a VIP member, it costs $39.95 a month if you don't shop or skip the month by the 5th. That amount gets put into your account as a member credit to spend at any time.

You can skip any month you want and won't get billed(just let them know by the 5th of each month), and the member credits never expire.

The membership gives me all the control and access to amazing discounts, year-round!

5. Saves Me Time

With a perfectly curated selection of shoes and clothes and the pre-styled outfits, shopping on FabKids is the easiest and fastest way to shop. And now thanks to all that my two have started dressing themselves, so even more time for me. The clothes and shoes are designed so kids can be more independent - there are no tricky buttons or zips and plenty of elasticated laces.

I can't stop recommending FabKids to all the parents I know. It's such an amazing service that makes a small change in your day, but one that every parent will appreciate.

FabKids is something you and your kids will agree on and absolutely love.

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