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Online care for ED

When I started suffering from ED out of nowhere, I just put it down to being so busy and stressed with work. But, after a few months, it still didn't go away.

I started to get worried, so I did some research and realised that erectile dysfunction is actually a very common problem for men of all ages (1 in 3 suffer from it).

I tried improving my diet, but still nothing changed. It started to take a real toll on my life, so I decided to seek medical help.

But the thought of going to my GP with this problem felt a bit awkward, so I went online to see if there were other clinics I could go to.

That's when I came across eveadam.co.uk.

At first, I had tons of questions. Now that I've gone through with it, I'll never look back.

Here are all your questions answered:

What is EveAdam?

They're a team of doctors and pharmacists that provide treatments on subscription online.

What's the benefits of doing this online and not the doctor?

Not all ED medications are available on the NHS, and a lot of men don't want to go to their doctor about it. With EveAdam you can seek medical advice all from the comfort of your own home.

Plus, the consultation is free. And you can even get your medication delivered the following day.

How does it work?

You sign up with an email address and fill in some basic medical info about your symptoms. There's an option to switch to a live chat with a prescriber any time.

Then you get your treatment recommendations from the prescriber. From the options given, you choose how much you get and how often you want your deliveries.

When you subscribe to the recommended treatment, you're also automatically subscribed to a free care plan. This includes access to prescribers whenever you need it, and helpful health guides sent to your inbox each month.

Payments are then taken from your account the same day of each calendar month, and the medication is shipped to your doorstep.

Is it safe?

Yes. EveAdam are experts in remote care.

Their doctors are registered with the General Medical Council, and their pharmacy prescribers are registered with the General Pharmaceutical Council.

All the prescribers are overseen by Dr Daniel Atkinson, who is their GP Clinical Lead and specialises in sexual and reproductive health.

Is there a choice of medication?

Yes. There are 7 ED medications available, from big brands to generic brands. All with different benefits. Some start to work from just 15 minutes, others can last all weekend.

What does it cost?

The medications range in price – they go from £2.49 per treatment to £10.50 per treatment.

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Is it flexible?

Yes. You can cancel or pause your plan, or upgrade or downgrade medication at any time simply by logging onto your account and pressing a button. You can even cancel your treatment subscription, but keep your care plan if you still want access to prescriber. Plus, you can skip a delivery any time you want.

Before I found EveAdam, I didn't know what to do. My experience has been so easy and seamless, thanks to their efficiency and guidance.

Plus, the medication recommended and prescribed has been working perfectly. I recommend EveAdam to anyone who suffers from ED, but doesn't know what to do about it.

Skip the queue and go to EveAdam today to start your FREE, confidential chat with a UK Prescriber!

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