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Food Debate: Meal Kit (EveryPlate) vs. Grocery Store

A satisfying meal at the end of a long day can turn a bad day into a good one. Food plays a huge part in our everyday life. It's no secret why the industry is continuing to grow and innovate at such an accelerated pace.

Now more than ever, many are choosing to skip the long grocery store lines by signing up for a meal kit. But how do the weekly box of ingredients and recipe cards compare with the DIY way of grocery shopping and cooking?

Do they really save as much time as they promise? Our editors were on the fence, so two of our resident in-house foodies investigated and we have settled the meal kit vs. grocery store issue once and for all.

Editor 1 tried EveryPlate - the meal kit we've heard the most buzz about. And Editor 2 stuck to the old school routine of hitting the grocery store and then cooking.

Here's what we found:

EveryPlate Meal Kit

Editor 1: I dread going to the grocery store. I find it tedious, endless, and I invariably forget something. When I do shop, I typically spend over $100 a week. I appreciate a wide range of foods so I invariably buy a bunch of different things; a big bag of pasta, a variety of fruits and vegetables. But by the end of the week, most of them have gone bad so I have to throw them in the trash.

To me, meal kits make more sense, and once I saw EveryPlate I had to try it. Firstly, EveryPlate is $4.99 per serving, which really debunked my personal theory that meal kits are overpriced. Apart from that, it's the sheer convenience that takes it over the edge. No recipe planning, no scouring through shelves for the right ingredients, and no long lines.

With EveryPlate I can try new cuisines every week without the hassle. Tuscan Herbed Chicken over Creamy Tomato Linguine or the Kung Pao Beef Bowls with Green Bell Pepper & Peanuts are just a few of the yummy, amazing meals I've tried so far.

There are 14 recipes to choose from each week, and having all the necessary ingredients, sauces, and spices delivered to my doorstep is a no-brainer. The recipes are only 6-steps and take 30 minutes - or less! - to prepare. All in all, I consistently have dinner on the table in 30 minutes or less using EveryPlate, which is a lifesaver during a busy work week.

Grocery Store

Editor 2: I love sticking to my food routine and cooking for myself. While my neighbors get deliveries or takeout, I'm all about my home-cooked meals.

One thing I truly enjoy about grocery shopping is finding exotic ingredients for the next flavorful meal I'm excited to try. I prefer to root through shelves in the international aisles browsing and discovering new spices and herbs. I make sure to buy produce that's as fresh as possible.

I'm a big fan of chopping my vegetables, stirring the pot, and smelling the delicious aromas.

Although it's harder to experiment from scratch with food from a grocery store, I enjoy cooking and trying out new recipes. Usually, I spend at least an hour every day making dinner, which isn't ideal after work.

Final Verdict

Key Differences:

  • Delivery - EveryPlate delivers the ingredients you need right to your door. | With the grocery store you need to go, select everything, and bring it home yourself.
  • Food Waste - There's zero food waste with EveryPlate as they send you just the right amount of ingredients. | The possibility of food waste is higher with the grocery store as you often buy once-off ingredients or larger quantities that end up in the garbage.
  • Price - EveryPlate is $4.99 per meal.
  • Time-saving - EveryPlate does all the meal planning and prepping for you. | With the grocery store all the recipe finding, food planning and prep is up to you.
  • Freshness - EveryPlate's ingredients are just as fresh - or fresher! - than grocery store items due to a shorter supply chain

After comparing experiences, Editor 2 realized that while they love cooking from scratch, spending 1+ hour on dinner 5+ times a week is hardly ideal. So they've decided to reduce home-cooked meals and go with EveryPlate on weeknights.

EveryPlateallows you to cook home-cooked meals using fresh ingredients with the help of step-by-step recipe cards. EveryPlate offers all of the joys of cooking while saving time and money, and with none of the stress.

So, if you're tired of the grocery store and searching for a new way to spice up your dinnertime, check out EveryPlate.

The Folks At EveryPlate Have Extended a Special Offer To Our Readers: Get EveryPlate Meals For Only $1.79 Per Serving Plus 20% Off Your Next Two Weeks!

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