7 Reasons To Try EveryPlate

7 Reasons To Try EveryPlate

It's AMAZING for tight budgets.

Wouldn't it be amazing if once a week all your dinner ingredients arrived at your door in one convenient box, ready to be popped in the fridge?

And your only major culinary decision would be choosing which delicious dish to cook first? Juicy burgers? Crispy Italian Chicken? Creamy Mushroom Steak?

No more stressing over your sadly lacking cooking skills. No more desperately searching for the latest taste sensation. No more lugging home bags of groceries. Let's face it, finding meals that are flavorful yet simple can be challenging. That's where EveryPlatesaves the day!

Tried and tested by tons of couples and families, EveryPlate is a meal kit delivery service that offers a fantastic selection of dinners that are delicious, varied, and affordable.

Even at full price, meals are only $4.99! - EveryPlate is the best affordable meal kit delivery service around.

Here's how EveryPlate can save your dinner time routine:

Dishes Up Winning Flavors

Taste is king with EveryPlate. It's time to spice up your cookbook and rustle up some yummy Cajun Chicken Sausage Penne w/ Monterey Jack.

And those Griddled Onion Burgers & Frites knock it out of the park!

Plan options include 3,4, 5 EveryPlate meals per week for 2 or 4 people from an ever-changing menu. And with 14 flavorful chef-crafted meals to choose from - each more delicious than the last - you'll be sure to find a bunch of new faves that will delight your friends and family.

A Super Saver

Everything's delivered in just the right amount, so you won't waste money on that 12 oz jar of Dijon mustard that ends up at the back of the fridge, or - worse - in the trash.

While meal kits are normally associated with luxury and a premium price tag, EveryPlate keeps the quality high and the price low.

In fact, it's the best affordable meal-kit service we've seen - way more affordable than take-out or even the supermarket.


EveryPlate is the smarter way to cook from scratch. Their recipe cards are simple-to-follow, with cooking techniques that everyone can learn.

Very Doable

Fewer steps and ingredients mean you'll have dinner on the table in about 30 minutes - or less! Minimal prep, minimal washing up. Simplicity is the key. EveryPlate recipes have only 6 simple steps for a minimum of prep time and a maximum of scrumptiousness!


Simple sign up. Pick your dishes, skip weeks, cancel at any time. No commitments, really.

Delivers To Your Door

EveryPlate delivers all the essentials for your home-cooked dinners, including quality produce and easy-to-follow 6-step recipe cards. Relax, knowing your meals are coming straight to you, simply open your front door.

Special Offer Just For You!

If the price is your main concern, give it a try. Click below to get your first 3 weeks of meals from only $1.79 each!

Whip up yummy, home-cooked meals in a flash with EveryPlate.

Try EveryPlate for $1.79/meal PLUS 20% off your next 2 boxes.

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