Affordable Eating: EveryPlate Vs. Aldi

Affordable Eating: EveryPlate Vs. Aldi

Editor's note: With the price of everything through the roof, I had to find areas in our budget where I could cut costs. I was wasting so much money on food — eating out and ordering takeaway. This was an obvious place to reduce spending. I started shopping at Aldi and made as many homemade dinners as I could stand every week (it wasn’t easy). Then came EveryPlate

Then: Before EveryPlate

When I added up the amount of money we spend on groceries, eating out and takeaway each month, I knew it had to change. My spouse and I chose to shop at Aldi and eat at home so we could save money for the kids’ summer holidays.

Searching for recipes, ingredients and then prepping and cooking a meal every evening quickly became an unsustainable chore. Especially when you’re cooking for a family of 4.

While Aldi is great value, I noticed my kids were surviving on sandwiches and frozen pizza, which isn’t exactly a balanced diet. Plus,I kept getting distracted by Aldi’s ‘Special Buys’ and throwing away money on weird items – we really didn’t need that steam mop!

One day, I was complaining about how outrageous the cost of living is when my friend Talia started raving about EveryPlate. She says their recipes are so fuss-free and simple, it’s a joy to cook their tasty meals at home every evening.

At first, I was skeptical because I thought meal kits were super expensive, but Talia mentioned that EveryPlate starts at only $2.19 per plate. That’s even cheaper than Aldi, especially when you consider petrol, parking and over-buying on ingredients.

With EveryPlate, we could slash our supermarket bills and set a fixed price for our weekly food budget. Plus, we could start eating more balanced home-cooked dinners. It sounded too good to be true, but if it worked out, it would be a game changer.

I was also really excited to learn that we can customise our menu each week! And their flexible subscription allows us to skip a week or opt-out at any time. I realised we had nothing to lose, so I signed up.

Now: With EveryPlate

I chose the plan for 4 people, 4 nights a week, and was pleasantly surprised by the variety of their menu.

EveryPlate offers up to 22 different meal options each week, from premium meals like BBQ-Spiced Rump Steak to kid-friendly classics like a Herby Pork Schnitzel.

The service is so streamlined, signing up only took a few minutes – they even have an app so you can get dinner sorted on the go. All ingredients for each meal are delivered to your doorstep, pre-portioned. That means minimal prep, minimal washing up, and maximum flavour. And each recipe only has 4 steps – so they’re completely fool-proof and fuss-free.

First up, we tried the Pork & Spinach Cottage Pie. It was on the table in 30 minutes and the kids cleaned their plates – they particularly love the cheesy mashed potatoes! My favourite that first week was the Creamy Chicken Pennesooo creamy, with tasty tender chicken.

And did I mention that all of EveryPlate’s ingredients are just as fresh as Aldi’s, so their meals are always yummy. Even my youngest, the family’s picky eater, adores all the EveryPlate meals!

I never realised how hectic our schedules were until EveryPlate. Now that dinner only takes 20-30 minutes, I have tonnes of time to help the kids with their homework or take them to the playground. And, of course, so much more quality family time – which is most important.

The Takeaway:

It goes without saying that EveryPlate helps my family far more than we imagined. It's easier than shopping at Aldi 5 times a week, and more cost-effective. Some dinners are ready in 15 minutes – much faster than when you do a food shop!

If you’re looking for an affordable way to cook homemade meals, skip the hassle of supermarkets and try EveryPlate – the smartest option on the market.

Get up to $180 off across 5 boxes!