eMeals Vs.  Dinnerly Vs. Cook Smarts - Which Is Right For You?

eMeals Vs. Dinnerly Vs. Cook Smarts - Which Is Right For You?

If you promised yourself this would be the year you’d cook at home more, trust us, you're not alone. 2022 is here and it’s time to establish healthier eating habits.

Quite a few of us are aware that we spend far more than we'd like to admit on eating out and those ever-so-convenient fast food delivery services.

When you sit down and think about it, it's an unhealthy habit and our bank accounts are the first to agree.

Looking for a way to improve what we eat and how we feel about what we eat, we took to the internet to see what was out there. 3 meal planning companies in particular caught our eyes:eMeals, Cooksmarts, and Dinnerly.

Once we put them head-to-head here's who came out on top:

Key Similarities
  • All 3 offer weekly, easy-to-follow recipes
  • All 3 save you time on meal planning
  • All 3 are paperless and available on iOS and Android devices
Key Differences
  • eMeals’ recipes are curated by a team of registered dietitians
  • Cooksmarts was voted #1 on lifehack.com
  • eMeals’ diverse selection of recipes changes weekly
  • Dinnerly recipes contain 6 ingredients or less
  • eMeals creates a customized grocery list just for you

Cooksmarts is a meal kit service designed to help simplify meal planning and make dinnertime fun. This service offers weekly meal plans based on your dietary preferences. Plus, they even have educational cooking content designed to empower their customers with the tools to cook with and without the app.

Add to that, everything required for each recipe is delivered right to your door. So, there’s no need to go grocery shopping again!

Cooksmarts has a flexible monthly plan starting at close to $15 a month. However, their most popular plan is their annual option which comes out to a little under $8 a month. The one note all our editors share is that although available recipes sound exotic and tasty, many seem to sacrifice flavor for the sake of convenience or health.


Like Cooksmarts, it's clear that Dinnerly is completely about convenience. All of Dinnerly’s recipes include 6 ingredients and take only 5-minutes - or less! - to make. Talk about cooking made simple!

The general consensus amongst our editors is that Dinnerly meals are tastier than other meal kits we’ve tried. However, there isn’t much variety.

Our Food and Beverage editor pointed out that many may get bored with such a bland menu. And - even worse - backslide to a deeply ingrained take-out habit. Dinnerly’s meals are uninspiring and there’s a prevalence of kid-friendly fare. Sure, this is great for parents but disappointing for those looking to expand their palette.

Dinnerly has two plans - one for families and the other for individuals - that start at $2.50 per portion. Even better, the more meals you sign up for - the more savings you get!


The final meal planning platform we tried was eMeals- a meal planning solution on a mission to alleviate the stress of planning and prepping meals during a busy week.

Their recipes are created by registered dietitians to ensure each delicious dish is nutritious and rich in antioxidants and vitamins. This is how they guarantee each recipe includes affordably fresh ingredients.

Unlike Dinnerly or Cooksmarts, you can grab your own groceries or simply sync the app with your local grocery store or favorite delivery service like Instacart or Shipt.

We can’t believe how many plans eMeals has - a whopping 15 in total! Including: Quick and Healthy, Keto, Clean Eating, 30 Minute, Budget Friendly, Kid Friendly, Slow Cooker, Paleo, Heart Healthy, Diabetic, Low Calorie, Low Carb, Gluten Free, Plant Based, and Mediterranean.

No need to overthink the commitment - switch meal plans whenever you want. And there are seven new recipes to choose from each week. We’re quite partial to their Greek Chicken Thighs with Lemon and Olives, or the tasty Cheesy Bacon-Wrapped Tenders.

We have to admit it. Everything on the eMeals meal plans tastes so much better than any of our go-to takeout faves. In fact, everything was so fantastic and flavorful, we can’t believe how healthy it is.

Final Thoughts

If you want to take steps towards better habits and healthier living, subscribing to any of these would be a fine start. However, eMeals checks everything off of our list.

With eMeals you’ll never sacrifice on flavor. You get seven unique recipes using fresh ingredients each week, as well as customizable shopping lists to send to a variety of grocery stores.

Stop breaking the bank on takeout that makes you feel groggy and weighed down. It’s time for healthy home-cooked meals that leave you ready to take on whatever adventures life throws your way.

Subscribe to eMeals and start cultivating better eating habits today!

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