Ekster wallet and phone case

What’s So Special About The Ekster Wallet?

We've been seeing this wallet literally everywhere, so we decided to look into it. It's a smart wallet that comes in aluminum and leather versions with some cool features. But is it worth the hype?

We decided to investigate to see what all the fuss was about. Keep reading to see if the Eksterwallet is a worthy purchase or just another ad to scroll through.

It's Unlosable: What makes it a smart wallet is the tracker card. It's a rechargeable card that connects with your phone, so if you ever misplace your wallet, you can find it!

"I've officially brought a wallet and tracker for all my family members. Great invention, even better investment!" - Asia J.

Sleek Design: These are the slimmest smart wallets on the market, and they've got a cool pop-up feature for your cards. No digging through your wallet, just click the button.

"The Ekster Parliament Wallet is a very sleek wallet compared to my old hand-me-down wallet. The mechanism is super cool, and I enjoy the minimalistic style. It's very well made, I like the design, and the color is pleasing." - Kyle C.

Multiple Styles: There's the aluminum option which comes in 8 colors, including Metallic Rose Gold, the leather, which comes in multiple colors and styles, and premium leather, too.

"BEST WALLET EVER!!! My favorite purchase of the year of anything I've bought … so slick." - Brandon T.

Affordability: These are less expensive than we thought! They start at around $69.99, plus there's free shipping, free returns, and a one-year warranty.

"Premium wallet. Seems a bit expensive at first, but you get what you pay for and then some! Great quality, stylish, tracker card and app were very easy to set up and install, and the little switch to fan out your cards is so nice. I see myself using this wallet for a long time to come." - Jon R.

Users love it: It's got over 10,000 5-star reviews.

"LOVED IT! After having to throw away all the receipts in my old wallet I realized I don't even need to carry so much unless I'm going to a place that uses some type of card system. It's so sleek and quick to spot in the rose gold aluminum it never gets lost! I loved it so much, I bought my boyfriend one. He's also ditched the bifold wallet now and loves it too!" - Chelsey R.

After buying a few Eksterwallets for ourselves, we understood it. Ekster delivers on convenience and quality above all else; we love these wallets! Why does anyone need a bulky wallet in 2021? It's cleaner, cooler, and unlosable, so we're saying yes; these are worth it.

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