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New Year, New Wallet! Get The Best Upgrade For 2021

A New Year means a fresh start. Out with the old and in with the new! In the opinion of our editors, this also includes wallets. Few of us carry or use cash anymore, so why tote around that battered, old-style billfold? We went searching for the smartest-of-smart contemporary wallets, and we found it - Ekster.

Famous for their stylish designs and innovative technology, Ekster's time-saving carry essentials have everything from classy aluminum cardholders to smart wallets. They combine quality and functionality with cutting-edge tracking capabilities.

Ekster blends style and functionality. Their wallets are made from high-quality leather and boast a sleek design while sporting a number of innovative features.

Check out the Ekster Tracker Card. If you misplace your wallet, you can track it worldwide with Ekster's global system. Pair it with your Google Assistant, Alexa, or Siri, speak a command into your phone the instant you realize your wallet's missing, and the tracker will pull it up on a map. You'll never lose your wallet again! And the genius thing about the tracker card is it's solar-powered. 3 hours of sunlight last for 2 months.

Besides trackability, Ekster's wallets offer many other practical features, while still looking sharp. All of Ekster's wallets come with RFID protection to protect your cards from skimming and electronic data theft.

Their Parliament Wallet is super slim but holds 6 cards and comes in 7 shades. The Senate Cardholder also includes a removable cash strap. It comes in 7 colors, can hold a few bills and up to 10 cards. Both The Parliament Wallet and The Senate Cardholder have the instant card access feature - one click of the button in the bottom corner and out pops your cards! No more fumbling to find the right piece of plastic.

The Aluminum Cardholder is a replica of the Senate but holds up to 12 cards for extra space and protection. Plus, it has a space-grade aluminum finish. The Modular Bifold has a traditional foldover leather wallet look with a removable magnetic cardholder. It's the first wallet that allows you the freedom to either carry everything you have or travel light.

With flexible returns and fast shipping,Ekster's best affordable EDC essentials combine classic looks with cutting-edge tracking capabilities.

Treat your wallet the way you want your wallet to treat you. That's an ancient adage that our editors just made up. But it's true. How we handle our cards - and, on occasion, a few bills - says a lot about our attitude to money. As 2021 approaches, it's time for a wallet that will take care of you.

Ekster, your new wallet for your New Year!

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