a man holding his slim black ekster wallet in his hand

This Wallet From Ekster Is Beyond Worth It. Here’s Why.

That escalating panic and clenched throat as it dawns on me that I've misplaced my wallet...

I scramble around, hopelessly patting down every pocket I can find and frantically trying to retrace my last steps. And the result of this ordeal is always the same - my wallet is gone. Yet again.

In a bar, subway, park, taxi - you name the place, I have left my wallet there, most times never to see it again. I'm the laughing stock among my buddies.

Some wallets, I've been sadder to have lost than others, especially when I've splurged on expensive leather. So this time, I couldn't decide what type of new wallet I wanted to get. An expensive one that would last longer? A cheap one since I'd probably just lose it again?

Needing inspiration, I decided to do a quick search to see if anything new and trendy was out there. To my surprise, I found one that I had previously not heard of - the EksterWallet.

My first thought was that the sleek, polished design and premium leather material would look slick with both my work suits and more casual weekend outfits. Then, I went onto the Ekster website to look at it in more detail, because it seemed almost too slim.

I always hated how bulky wallets were in my pocket and how difficult it was to find the right card. Is it too much to ask for to be able to find my credit card within seconds of opening my wallet? I hate being at the bar counter or store checkout and having to fumble around. I realized that the Ekster was so slim because it solves that problem.

Their wallets have a built-in aluminum card hold that pops up to display all your cards at the click of a button. This is genius - seeing all my cards at once with easy access to them all would be life-changing. No more time wasted.

It also protects your cards against skimming as it contains RFID blocking technology. Did you know that scammers don't have to physically steal your wallet to get what's inside? They can hack the RFID chip on your card with a small handheld device or even a smartphone. Imagine someone walking past you at a mall, airport, or bar and bam your data is stolen. But with an Ekster wallet, you can go anywhere without worrying about this

I knew that this was going to be my next wallet. As I chose the Roma Cognac color for The Parliament wallet, I found the greatest wallet feature ever - they also sold a wallet tracker!

The tracker fits perfectly into your wallet and allows you to know where your wallet is at all times. If there was anything I needed, this was it. It's a solar-powered Bluetooth tracker that is compatible with my phone.

Without a second thought, I added it to my order and checked out. You also get the tracker for a huge discount if you buy it together with your wallet.

When it arrived, it looked even better in person! The leather is so luxurious and buttery that even my girlfriend was jealous. It holds all of my cards, and it has a strap for my cash.

I got so distracted playing with the wallet, clicking the cardholder in and out that I nearly forgot about the tracker. I opened it up and slid it right into my wallet.

There was nothing bulky about this wallet or tracker. I can walk around with it in my pocket without it feeling or looking like I have it in there. Nothing worse or more uncomfortable than that bulging pocket in a crisp suit or pair of jeans.

I never leave home, work, the bar, or a taxi now without my wallet, and even if I do, I can track it and know exactly where it is. My wallet will never be lost again! Although, with a wallet this amazing, I'm probably never going to leave it anywhere.

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