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Ekster’s Top 4 Products: Here’s What You Need & Why

What's in your pocket when you leave the house? Odds are that you at least have your phone and wallet. However, over the years our editors have noticed that guys are starting to reject wallets. They're either too bulky, not functional, or just ugly and guys have started shoving credit cards in the back of phone cases and cash in random unsecured pockets.

Our editors have found the perfect solution for men's wallets: Ekster. This smart wallet brand takes technology, functionality, and style seriously and has blended the three into an amazing line of products.

Here are our top 4 wallets from Ekster:

1. Parliament Wallet

Ekster Parliament Wallet details

What It Is: Made from premium leather with a cash strap, extra storage, RFID blocking technology (to protect cards from skimming theft), and an easy-access button. Holds 12+ cards and a tracking card, while still staying compact.

Who's It For: The super-organized guy. Keep everything you need in its place: nothing more, nothing less.

Price: $76

Our Thoughts: We couldn't believe guys were ditching wallets when the Parliament is just a click away. It's super sleek so it won't create any extra bulges in your pockets and doesn't make you sacrifice anything in the process.

Our favorite part, though, has to be the Tracking Card, making this wallet unlosable. You can add it to any Ekster wallet and never stress in those 5 minutes when you're frantically looking for your wallet and it's just shoved into the couch cushions.

The tracking card is low maintenance with one 3-hour solar charge lasting 2 full months. You can track the card directly from an app on your phone to and thanks to the two-way ring feature, the card can locate your phone as well. On top of that, you get access to the Global Lost & Found Network so even if it's out of the 200 ft range, others on the network nearby can give you an anonymous update on the tracker's location (Ekster really is unlosable).

Ekster Senate Cardholder details

What It Is: A slim leather cardholder with a quick-access button and cash strap. Holds 10+ cards and an Ekster tracking card.

Who's It For: The tech junkie. Looking to the future, this wallet's owner carries only the necessities and in the smartest way possible.

Price: $67

Our Thoughts: This was the streamlined look we've been searching for and Ekster really delivers. As the world moves to cashless so should our wallets. The Senate Cardholder makes life easier with the quick access mechanism fanning out your cards with the press of a button.

Since we're using credit cards more than ever, Ekster takes securing them seriously. Built into this sleek package you get RFID blocking technology to protect your cards from skimming. And even if you do have a few extra bucks on you, the cash strap holds them well without adding any bulk.

Ekster Modular Bifold Wallet details

What It Is: A bi-fold wallet with a removable magnetic cardholder. Store 12+ cards, 10+ bills, coins, and a tracker card.

Who's It For: The classic guy. Maintain a timeless style with next-level functionality.

Price: $76

Our Thoughts: This is the old-school wallet, slimmed down to actually fit in your pockets. Not only are you still getting a quality design with the Modular Bifold but Ekster also takes their materials to another level.

Ekster's premium leather is sustainably sourced and processed using DriTan™ technology making it more environmentally friendly. We know this wallet is made to last and so will its looks. The two-toned finish ages well over time, as it softens with use so you don't have to worry about wear and tear bringing down your style.

What It Is: A modular iPhone Case fitting the 12 Mini to the Pro Max. Featuring screen and lens protection edge, micro-fiber lining, and auto-aligning magnets. The cardholder stores 2+ cards & cash, and has an anti-slip silicon layer.

Who's It For: The scatterbrain. Keep everything in one place.

Price: $50 + $25

Our Thoughts: Not everyone can commit to a wallet, no matter how easy Ekster makes it. Their iPhone case keeps those in mind that love the wallet + phone combo but makes it functional.

The Ekster phone case is designed with room for cash storage, an extra SIM card, and a reset pin. Plus, when you need to carry cards Ekster's Magnetic Cardholder attaches easily and securely. This combo is great on the go, though we still prefer the full Ekster wallets and cardholders. It doesn't hurt to have all three and streamline your essentials with one trusted brand.

Ekster's products are designed to make your day-to-day easier without sacrificing style, quality, or design. Take advantage of these must-have wallets and simplify your carry-essentials.

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