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The Best Smart Wallets For Every Style From Ekster

In today's world of seamless innovations, the overstuffed, out-of-style, easy-to-lose wallets of yesterday aren't making anyone's lives easier.

On top of that people all over are carrying less money on them than before and adopting paperless payment methods like Apple Pay or Cash App. That's where Ekster, an Amsterdam-based start-up, and their ingenious line of smart wallets come into play.

With a wide array of styles, like luxury Italian leather, upcycled vegan leather, and sleek aluminum, and high-tech features that keep privacy and convenience back in your pocket, Ekster makes an incredible wallet.

On top of their top-notch materials and innovative features, Ekster's line features products that fit every aesthetic and lifestyle.

Here are three people who got the most out of converting from a traditional wallet to one from Ekster's line-up:

The Minimalist - Aluminum Cardholder

Favorite Feature: Super slim but can hold up to 15 cards.

Experience: Since I'm always on the go, I hate feeling bogged down when I have too many things in my pocket or when I'm in line fumbling through my pockets, looking for the right card to use. That's why I decided to listen to a friend's recommendation and give Ekster a try. After just a few days of using it, I discovered that the minimalist design makes it more than just a pretty pocket piece, and it helped me get more out of carrying less.

The slim cardholder I ordered featured an ergonomic button that allows easy access to my go-to cards without opening up the wallet, which has honestly freed up a lot of time for me during my daily commutes.

On top of the modern convenience and lightweight design, I love that it has RFID technology to protect against skimming and scanning. With Ekster, I can go on about my day without worrying about stopping or having any of my info compromised.

Premium Leather Wallets
Solar Powered Tracking

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The Forgetful Friend - Senate Cardholder

Favorite Feature: Tracker Card + Worldwide Lost & Found Network

Experience: Misplacing your wallet is never fun, and we've all been there before, but I have to admit that I'm the friend that always loses their things, including my wallet. From concert venues to restaurants, I've left my wallet behind never to see it again, and then had to go through the annoying process of ordering new debit cards and licenses. Luckily I discovered Eksterand their solar-powered wallet tracker card.

The slim tracker card fits right into the wallet without sacrificing card space, and a big plus for a techie like me was the Bluetooth compatibility. Of course, I misplaced my wallet right after putting the tracker in, giving me a perfect opportunity to test it out. I just said, 'Siri, call my wallet,' and was able to find it between the sofa cushions. I'm so thrilled I won't lose all of my IDs and personal info ever again with this wallet + tracker combo.

Self-Proclaimed Stylist - Parliament Wallet

Favorite Feature: Premium material in a range of colors.

Experience: I spent forever trying to find a wallet that not only was functional but also matched my day-to-day, business casual style, and my new Ekster wallet does just that. Two bonuses were the various swatches I got to pick from and how well it fit right into my slim-cut jeans, and it didn't create any annoying bulging that thicker wallets have in the past.

With its sleek and streamlined design, I know this will catch the eye of quite a few people. I've already received compliments from a few coworkers, and since mine's made from sustainable leather, I can feel just as good about its environmental footprint as I feel about the way it looks. My Ekster wallet, in the Roma Cognac color, has become my favorite accessory and has given me an excuse to ditch my clunky work bag and growing coin collection.

Ekster's line of premium wallets starts at $63 and can help you live your best life without worrying about losing track of your things or compromising your data or style. With an array of selections, Eksteris sure to have the right cardholder to suit your needs.

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