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The Story Of The Internet's Favorite Wallet

Over the last few years, Ekster has erupted onto the market as one of the most successful new wallet brands.

Just like their innovative products, their rise to fame has been anything but ordinary.

When founders Olivier Momma and Rick Scharnigg met, they bonded over the lack of innovation in the wallet space and were always thinking of new solutions. When they both realized how stagnant the wallet industry was, they saw an opportunity to help rebuild it and decided to take action.

They put their minds together and came up with a product - a slim, card-focused, technologically advanced wallet. Richard then joined the team and they pitched the idea to Kickstarter, and the rest is history.

Fast forward. Ekster now offers an array of great contemporary products. Their goals are to consistently create products that are attuned to contemporary day-to-day life. Because if there can be a smartphone, there can be a smart wallet.

All of Ekster's wallets come with RFID blocking technology making them safe from data theft, which is a huge problem in today's tech-driven world.

Their smart wallets can be tracked with a tracker card, making them virtually unlosable. Ekster's tracking card is solar-powered, 3 hours of sunlight lasts for 2 months of tracking.

Ekster even invented their own solar panel technology for the tracker, as they needed something that was super small, super powerful, and easy to charge. They originated the first solar panel that functions perfectly in low, overcast, and even artificial light. This technology is currently used worldwide by companies like DHL and even tracks rhinos on a protected reservation!

Pair the tracker card with your Google Assistant, Alexa, or Siri, and simply speak a command into your phone the instant you realize your wallet's missing and up pops a map. We all know the panic we feel when our wallet disappears, but thanks to Ekster's great innovations you'll never lose your wallet again!

The unique thing about Ekster is that their classic-looking wallets contain so many modern functionalities, while made from the best, most reliable materials. Their ECCO DriTan leather is water-saving, and their vegan leather is made from recycled windshields.

Ekster is also a B-Corp, meaning they're graded by the nonprofit B Lap each year to ensure they meet the highest standards of social and environmental performance. Ekster is proud that they will be climate-neutral by 2022. They're aware that economic growth means nothing without improvements in the welfare of society and the environment.

Their products speak to their ability to innovate. The Modular Bifold Wallet has a classic design along with the amazing features mentioned above. Its removable card holder is held in place with strong magnets that allow for extra space. Plus, it has a large sleeve that can hold up to 10+ bills.

The Ekster Aluminum Cardholder is made from space-grade aluminum - as in, used by NASA to make a rocket ship, space-grade. It holds up to 15 cards, and includes an expandable backplate which provides extra storage without sacrificing the slim design. And with the click of a button you gain easy access to your cards - pretty flashy.

The Parliament Wallet also has the card pop-up feature. It's super slim but holds 6 cards, with a classic look, made from premium, environmentally friendly leather that's available in 7 shades.

These wallets just scratch the surface of Ekster's exceptional inventions. Ekster also offers iPhone cases, laptop cases, key trackers, and more. Their daily carry items always offer a sleek look and the latest convenient tech features.

This month marks the 5 year anniversary of Ekster's work towards improving society, the environment, and the daily lives of stylish individuals. They want to share this massive achievement with all of you and are extending a 15% off site-wide offer as a thank you to our readers.

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