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I Didn't Think I Needed A Wallet Upgrade, Until I Found Ekster

I have a taste for the classic. I read books, sign my bar tabs with a fountain pen, I listen to vinyl on a vintage stereo console that I inherited from my grandfather.

He was this one-of-a-kind, salty old guy who taught me what to value in life. In fact, one of my prized possessions is the handmade leather wallet he gave me for high school graduation.

Such a simple object, really. And although I've carried it through the past decade, it was time to face facts - my wallet was falling apart. Shabby-looking, inconvenient, the thing was a mess. I needed a new one. But nothing I saw in-store or online appealed to me.

My friend Dannie said he had the answer - an Ekster ultra-slim smart wallet. Sleek, safe, smart, it's the best wallet he's ever owned and beats the traditional wallet by a mile. When he showed it to me, my initial thought was, that's no wallet - it's too thin. Where would I stash my cash?

Dannie reminded me that we live in a virtually cashless world. Like it or not, my old-timey wallet was obsolete. Times have changed – and so should my wallet. I had to admit he had a point - I rarely pay with bills these days.

I didn't cave to his logic – although he was sooo right. (Like my granddad, I'm stubborn. What can I say?) I told him I could carry all my cards in a regular wallet.

"Yeah-but. Show me what's in there." Dannie said. I emptied the contents: Driver's License, insurance card, coffee shop card, voter registration, bank card, credit cards ...

He warned me that carrying that stuff around in a regular wallet was unsafe. Ekster's dynamic smart wallets are equipped with some sharp technical features. Its tracker card is connected to a worldwide lost-and-found network.

He reminded me of the time we missed the revival house showing of Star Wars - the original, of course- because I'd misplaced my wallet. Apparently, with an Ekster that can't happen. Adding the tracker to my Ekster wallet makes it compatible with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and SIRI. So, if I ever lose my wallet, I can find it with my phone - and vice versa.

And what's so great is I can even use the tracker card to take selfies on my phone in selfie mode.

A built-in RFID-protection guards your card against electronic theft. In a world of high-tech crime, my Eksterwill ensure that my info - and my accounts - remain under my control.

Okay-okay. Dannie was beginning to convince me. But then he pushed a button, and all his cards popped right up, ready to use.

How impressive. It was then I really noticed the quality. Slim. Merlot red. Made from high-grade leather. Efficient. And... I had to admit... sophisticated.

But something this stylish had to cost a fortune.

Wrong again. Although they're made with premium leather and come in a variety of colors, the ease and safety of an Ekster are super affordable.

A Senator cardholder runs $79.00. The Parliament Wallet, which is made of luscious, classic brown leather, is only $89. (Guess which one I chose.)

With Ekster's free shipping, free returns, and a 12-month warranty, I took a chance and placed my order. My Parliament Wallet arrived at my door within a week, wrapped in sleek matte packaging.

I still keep the old wallet in my top drawer for sentimental reasons, but Ekster is the perfect combination of style and functionality. My grandpa would approve.

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