Ekster Parliament Wallet, iPhone Case, and Senate Cardholder

How I Went From Anti-Wallet To Never Leaving Home Without One

I'm the friend that doesn't carry a wallet. You know, the one who has their driver's license, credit card, and bank card stashed in the back of their bulging phone case. I've just never found a wallet I like and since I always have my phone with me, might as well use that.

But recently I had a scare - my phone was missing. After about an hour of scrambling, I realized it was more than just my phone I'd lost. As I was about to start freezing my cards when my roommate Alex, pulled my phone out from under the couch.

The relief was incredible but I knew this couldn't happen again. Losing my phone meant a lot more than I realized with my cards shoved in the case. Not to mention Alex can't take the stress of tearing up the apartment anymore. He recommended I look into Ekster, a company that makes trackable men's wallets and phone cases.

I decided to check out Ekster and see if they had something that worked for me. Their modern wallets immediately took me by surprise - who knew a wallet could be so slim, functional, and still look stylish?

The Parliament Wallet holds 12 cards that pop-out with an easy-access button, a cash strap, and room for a tracker card, which makes their wallets basically unlosable. It's made with environmentally certified, premium leather (available in 6 colors) and has RFID blocking technology to protect against card skimming. Another option I was looking at was the Aluminum Cardholder made of space-grade aluminum that has many of the same features as the Parliament.

I ended up ordering the Parliament because I still prefer the classic leather look, but honestly, this wallet delivered on more than just style. It's so nice not pulling back my phone case every time I'm paying at the store, being ID'd, or rushing to catch the bus. A press of a button gets me all my cards and cash is stashed securely. Plus, the tracking card with Ekster is a lifesaver.

It's solar-powered with one 3-hour charge lasting 2-3 months, so I never worry about it running out of juice. Now when I misplace my wallet I just go into the app and send a ring to my wallet. The best part is that it actually helps me find my phone as well thanks to two-way ringing. And if I'm out of the 200 ft range, Ekstergives me access to the global lost & found network.

On top of all that, the tracker's voice activation feature is compatible with Siri, Alexa, and Google Home. And a secret bonus I've discovered is that the tracker also acts as a wireless selfie stick - just click the button to take photos from up to 200 ft away.

Let's just say I'm not missing my old storage system with all these incredible features. I'm even looking into Ekster's Modular iPhone case and Modular Cardholder to level-up everything.

Ekster's modular iPhone 12 Case fits the Mini to the Pro Max and is made with premium American leather. Not only is it sleek and high-quality but the features make it functional in your day-to-day. There's a slot for an extra sim card & reset pin and storage space for extra cash. It also anticipates the occasional drop with a screen & lens protection edge and a soft microfiber lining.

The Modular Case has auto-aligning magnets that allow the Modular Cardholder to attach. The cardholder has anti-slip silicone dots so you can securely add on a couple of cards to your phone - perfect when I'm just going out for a walk and want to keep my essentials extra light.

There are no more lost phone freakouts, card freezing panics, or general hatred of wallets with Ekster in my pocket.

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