Ekster and Ridge Reviewed – Here’s The Brand We’re Slipping Into Our Pockets

Ekster and Ridge Reviewed – Here’s The Brand We’re Slipping Into Our Pockets

You know all that bulky stuff you carry around in your pockets? That’s not just stuff. It’s considered Everyday Carry – or EDC – and it makes a statement about how you identify yourself and how you spend your money.

Our editors went on the hunt for the best-of-the-best when it comes to that fundamental EDC – AKA your wallet. In today's world of paperless payment methods like Apple Pay, Zelle, or Cash App, people rarely carry cash. So, goodbye to all those bulging, out-of-style, easy-to-lose ‘Dad’ wallets of yesterday, the slim wallet is de rigour!

We figured there had to be a sleek, smart wallet out here that does it all in terms of design, tech, quality, and price. So we took our search to social media. Two leading brands kept popping up on our social feeds: Ekster and The Ridge.

In the battle of skinny smart wallets, which gets our recommendation? To find out, keep reading.

Both are sleek, slim, and can hold up to 12 cards...

...But here’s what’s in store when you go with Ekster, built-in performance tech like quick card access feature. One click of the button and out pops your go-to cards – impressive.

Pretty cool when you’re settling up that bar tab.

Bonus: Ekster wallets come in an array of handsome shades like Merlot Red, Steel Blue, and Nappa Black. . . . Whereas, The Ridge only comes in aluminum, titanium, and carbon fiber. Not very imaginative.

Both use premium materials...

...But what truly sets Ekster apart is its built-to-last construction. These leather wallets perform better than other status-brands due to their sustainably-sourced materials (both the standard leather and premium Italian leather from Tuscany). And there’s even a vegan leather option that’s made with recycled PVB from scrapped cars.

Both feature RFID protected technology to protect against skimmin...

...But The Ekster Tracking Card is an extra you can add to any Ekster wallet. It's solar-powered, so a mere 3 hours of sunlight lasts for 2 months. The voice-activated tracker allows you to locate your wallet from your phone – and vice versa. You'll never lose your wallet again!

Both have similar price points...

...But on the other hand, Ekster’s sophisticated line-up starts at $90 and The Ridge will set you back $95 - $150 (for aluminum-infused fibre).

Editor’s Note:While The Ridge offers 10% off, with Ekster you can often save 20%!

Which do we recommend?

We’re going with Ekster, hands down.

With flexible returns and fast shipping, Ekster’s affordable essentials combine classic style with innovative tech. They have everything you need from iPhone and laptop covers, stylish bags and space age aluminum cardholders to key holders and super-smart smart wallets.

Looking for an awesome wallet you won’t want to lose? Check out Ekster. Ekster ticks every box!

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