How I Beat My Sleep Issues With Eight Sleep's Pod Pro Mattress

Working late at night and scrolling through TikTok until two o'clock in the morning used to be part of my nightly routine. One bad night's sleep may not be the end of the world - but over time, it leaves you feeling depleted.

In the past I’ve tried chamomile tea before bed, using dark curtains and even taking supplements to improve my sleep. Nothing helped, and honestly, I gave up on finding a solution.

Since it’s a New Year, I was motivated to make lasting changes in my life. It was time to fix my sleep problems once and for all. I just couldn't handle another sleepless night!

Reading through forums online, I was shocked by the number of people who have sleep issues. While most suggested everything I’ve already tried, some swore on temperature-controlled mattresses.

I did my research and looked at different online smart mattresses, but I kept coming across Eight Sleep. They had really good reviews, and I actually became excited to check out their Pod Pro mattress in hopes of a better night's sleep.

The Pod Pro is a five-layer premium foam mattress with dual-zone cooling and heating features that individually adjust on each side (55-110°F). Looking further, I was surprised by all their unique technology like the ability to track your sleep and measure your respiratory and heart rate. The best part seemed to be the built-in GentleRise™ Smart Alarm which wakes you up naturally through chest level vibrations. I was aware of cars having crazy features but mattresses?

Eight Sleep
Dual-Zone Temperature Control
GentleRise Smart Alarm Technology

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I could definitely use a new mattress, but $2,695 was a bit out of my budget. On the other hand, I was already dreaming about dozing on Eight Sleep's Pod Pro and the feeling of staying cool and cozy during the night - I tend to run super hot.

When I saw that they offer financing options as low as 0% APR over 36 months and a 100-night trial, I had to go for it. At the end of the day, I spend so many hours of my life on a mattress, so why not invest in one that's worth it?!

When Eight Sleep's Pod Pro arrived, I was surprised by its high quality, modern design, and pleasant feel. The setup was quick and easy, while the hub that cools and heats the water was so silent that I barely noticed it. I downloaded the app and got everything ready for my first night’s sleep.

I can't believe I slept a full 8 hours! It's genius how this mattress measures your room temperature, humidity, local weather, and movements to automatically adjust the temperature and help you sleep like a baby.

My favorite feature is the GentleRise™ Smart Alarm. I can't even imagine going back to the annoying phone alarm that made me jump out of bed every morning. Now I wake up calm, comfortable and ready for the day.

After only a month on the Eight Sleep mattress, my periods of deep sleep have increased by almost 20%. Eight Sleep revealed that after 2 months of sleeping on the Pod Pro people toss and turn 25% less. I can feel the positive impact on my mood, concentration at work and my energy level during the day.

If you have sleeping issues and have had enough. Make a good night’s sleep a priority with Eight Sleep’s Pod Pro! It will change your life for the better!

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