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Could A Cooling Mattress Save You Money This Summer?

We all dread looking at the electricity bill during the summer months. A good night's sleep isn't cheap when we need to have the AC turned on high all night.

We've discovered not being able to stay cool during the night does affect the quality of your sleep but also found out, having your AC working overtime isn't your only option...

The Pod Pro by Eight Sleephas Dual-Zone temperature control, meaning you can control the temperature of each side of the mattress separately. The temperature can be set anywhere between 55-110°F so both you and your partner are sure to find your perfect sleep temperature.

Using the AC all night isn't just costly, it can also be a source of conflict when sleeping with a partner. Everyone's ideal body temperature for sleep varies, so that explains why you keep trying to switch it off when your partner wants it switched on.

The Pod Pro also allows you to track your sleep patterns. According to their data, after 2 months, those who sleep on the Pod Pro toss and turn 25% less. After just 1 month, users see a 17% increase in periods of deep sleep and fall asleep 15% faster.

Better sleep isn't the only benefit to the Pod Pro by Eight Sleep. As the title of this article may lead you to believe, it is a money saver too since it costs less to run than your AC.

The Pod Pro
Dual-Zone Temperature Control
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3.2 liters of temperature-regulated water flows from the Water Powered Hub to each side of the Active Grid and either heats or cools the mattress according to your needs. It uses thermo-electric cooling elements and two premium cooling fans that are as quiet as computer fans!

Some more of the impressive features this money-saving mattress has: The Pod Pro is a 12" premium foam mattress with 5 layers of comfort that help support spinal alignment and relieve pressure points; the GentleRise™ technology wakes your body up naturally by gradually cooling down the mattress with gentle vibrations at the chest level, leaving you feeling refreshed instead of groggy; and you can track all your sleep habits, vitals, data with the Eight Sleep mobile app.

All of these features allow you to get the best sleep of your life. Skip the AC that dries up your airways and your bank account. The Pod Pro will save you money in the long run as well as leave you well-rested.

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