How My Partner & I Are Sleeping Better Than Ever

How My Partner & I Are Sleeping Better Than Ever

Winter brings the crisp mornings and chilly nights that make sleeping that much better.

No longer worrying about being too hot, like in the summer. Sometimes I'll even crack a window before bed, to get it really cool in the room. I always sleep better when the room is cold.

Now, while I love the cooler temperature for a good night's rest, this time of year my girlfriend is always freezing. She is the type who has an extra sweater in her bag when we're going to restaurants, even in the summer and wants the heat blasting come bedtime.

Even with all the temperature arguments, we've recently made the decision to move in together. As we're looking for what mattress to buy, we came across Eight Sleep's dual heating and cooling Pod Pro. This mattress is able to regulate temperature throughout the night anywhere between 55 and 110 degrees. This means my side could be set to a cool 65 degrees when her side is 80.

The option to sleep in a bed that was 65 degrees already had me sold but there were still other boxes she was worried the mattress couldn't check. First off, could it really keep our sleep temperatures that separate? Also, could something so high-tech be comfortable? Since Eight Sleep offers a 100 night trial period, we decided to test it out and would just send it back if it didn't work.

Eight Sleep's Pod Pro impressed us right away. We both were shocked how comfortable it was! It had layers upon layers of reaction foam so it was soft and plush, but still supportive.

Moving into the technology side of the mattress, we both downloaded the Eight Sleep app. We set temperatures to our designated sides and saw the various options for sleep tracking. Once the app is synced, you can monitor all your sleep metrics like sleep stages, toss and turns, REM. It even has exclusives like their Gentle Rise™ alarm which wakes you up naturally by changing the surface temperature of the bed and sending gentle vibrations at the chest level.

Eight Sleep isn't messing around when they say they're a sleep-fitness company! We started tinkering away with all the tech features, pairing it to Alexa, and reading about how The Hub (their water-powered hydro-engine) really works to regulate body temperature.

Just in our first few nights with the mattress, we couldn't believe how well we both slept and looking at our sleep metrics from the night, we both were in REM sleep for way longer than I thought.

We've finally found a bed that checks all our boxes. I'm not sweating through sheets and she's not curled in a ball under layers of blankets. This mattress was a perfect solution to a common struggle many couples have and why we recommend it to anyone facing similar problems or just want the best mattress money can buy.

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