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I Never Thought I Could Stick To A Diet Until I Tried Nutrisystem

I had an unhealthy relationship with food for far too long. I would skip breakfast and eat a salad for lunch, only to drown myself in French fries when I passed by a McDonald's on my way home. After countless diet attempts to drop about 40 pounds, all in which I'd be hungry all day, lose some weight, but gain the pounds back once I went off the diet, I'd pretty much given up hope…that was until a friend told me about Nutrisystem.

Nutrisystemsends you pre-portioned packaged meals in smart portions that are designed to fill you up and help you lose up to 1-2 pounds a week, so you steadily reach your weight loss goal. I had my skepticisms that it would work long-term, but the principles of Nutrisystem finally taught me how to fuel my body with food instead of my emotions.

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If you want to lose weight but think it's too daunting, here are the things that surprised me most about Nutrisystem:

I eat 6 times a day! I'm never hungry. Nutrisystem sends you healthier versions of your favorite foods, like Chicken Parmesan and Margherita Pizza, plus I throw in fresh fruits and vegetables.

No working out required. By sticking to the Nutrisystem plan, I can still lose pounds without having to exercise each day, but if I'm in the mood, they recommend just ten minutes three times a day.

The food is great! Diet or no diet, I'm obsessed with their double chocolate muffins.

I can eat out.Nutrisystem teaches you to make smarter choices eating out at restaurants without sacrificing flavor or they give me healthy recipes to entertain on my own.

I still eat my favorite foods. No food group is forbidden, so I don't go binge-crazy around junk food.

Nutrisystem was a convenient way for me to realign my eating habits with my health goals; everything arrives ready to heat and eat. Weight loss can be really difficult, and we don't talk about that enough! They understand that it only gets easier when you have a plan and a team to support you throughout your journey.

With Nutrisystem, I was able to lose weight, and I am learning how to keep it off, while starting to live a life that no longer revolves around my unhealthy diet habits.

UPDATE: The awesome folks at Nutrisystem are extending a special offer to our readers.Follow this link and save BIG with BOGO! Buy one month at the full retail price and get your second consecutive 4-week plan shipment FREE!

This content is sponsored by Nutrisystem.

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