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Dunkin' Donuts Girl Scout Cookie® Flavors RANKED

Find out which flavor is best.

If you fall into the cross-section of people who like coffee and people who love Girl Scout Cookies, then oh boy do we have news for you.

Dunkin' Donuts is currently running a promotion where you can get Girl Scout Cookie-inspired flavors in your coffee. Naturally, we wanted to try all of them. So that's precisely what we did.

The Methodology

We wanted to be as scientific as possible. After all, this is real journalism. As such, we needed to make sure that each Dunkin' Donuts Girl Scout Cookie coffee could be experienced in its purest form, which meant no lattes or frappes. The coffee needed to be black. The Girl Scout Cookie flavor needed to be pure. We decided on iced instead of hot because our office is kind of warm.

Our final order was three large iced black coffees, no milk, no sugar, each with four pumps of one of the Girl Scout Cookie flavors.

These were the results:

3. Trefoils® Shortbread Coffee

The buttery flavor of Trefoils® works splendidly in cookie form, but did it translate to coffee? Kind of. The Dunkin' Donuts coffee variation tasted very sugary and maybe a little buttery, but it didn't taste a lot like the cookie it was inspired by. The Trefoils® flavor felt significantly less distinct than the others and seemed to get overpowered by the coffee. It was still a pleasant drink on a cold day in a warm office, but it was the weakest of the three.

2. Coconut Caramel Coffee

Coconut Caramel Girl Scout Cookies are a favorite in our office, so we had especially high hopes for this one. It mostly delivered. The coconut and caramel taste blended well, just like in our favorite cookie. Unfortunately, the coffee's strength overpowered a good portion of the flavor, leaving behind a sugary aftertaste that lingered beyond the coconut and caramel. That being said, drinking the Dunkin' Donuts Coconut Caramel Girl Scout Cookie Coffee did remind us of eating the actual cookie, and that's a win for any cookie-inspired flavor.

1. Thin Mints® Coffee

It really tastes like you're drinking Thin Mints®, you guys. Like, actually. It's sweet and chocolatey and minty, and you drink it with a straw. Unlike the other two, the Thin Mints® flavor doesn't get overpowered by the coffee, so you get the full cookie effect the whole way through. Assuming you like Thin Mints® (and honestly, who doesn't?), this should be your top choice.

Ultimately, though, all three flavors are pretty solid. So while Thin Mints® took our number one spot, we highly recommend trying all three because Girl Scout Cookies are awesome and combining them with coffee is freaking amazing.

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