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I Went To A Party, Here's How Drizly Saved The Day

I hadn't been to a party in so long, I was excited and nervous and doing a million things at once. Trying on different looks in the mirror - holding up hangers of clothes against my body - switching them out. Should I wear a dress? Jeans? Dress pants? Silk blouse? Jeans and silk blouse, definitely.

My gift-wrapped present waited by the door – kitchen stuff for Nina's house warming, check. A bottle of her favorite rosé champagne chilling in the fridge, check. Makeup applied, check.

I was so looking forward to seeing my friends – chatting, laughing, and catching up for the first time in forever. We were gathering to celebrate my best friend Nina's new place. I grabbed my things and rushed out the door.

As soon as I sank into the back seat of the Uber, my stomach sank too. I'd left the champagne in the fridge.

I panicked. Should I turn back? But then I'd be even later. Could I show up without Nina's favorite? Not a chance. All this flashed through my mind for only a few moments. Because I realized I could simply sit back and relax. Drizly is here for me.

Drizly delivers the beer, wine, and spirits of your choice right to your door in 60 minutes or less. Their selection is wide, their prices are easy on the wallet, and their service is impeccable.

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I opened their app and entered Nina's new neighborhood and it displayed all the liquor stores nearby. Then I sorted by alcohol type, price, and Nina's favorite brand. In about 2 minutes, I found it at a liquor store not far from her house. Even better, the bottle was $2 cheaper! So I bought two. I figured I'd need a few glasses of bubbly to de-stress.

Drizly has a massive selection of beer, wine, and spirits so if one store doesn't have what you're looking for, you'll find it at another. You can order items from your local wine shop, or multiple stores all in one place, so you'll get what you're looking for at the best possible price. You can even show your support for various communities and shop by Black, Asian, LGBTQ+-owned brands, and more.

If you're totally at sea, Drizly even recommends the latest bottles, pairing and buying guides, even recipes. They not only deliver your booze, there's ice, party cups, all the essentials like lemons, limes, and mixers. Drizly has it all.

As my driver turned onto Nina's block, the Drizly delivery person approached from the opposite direction - in less than 60-minutes just like Drizly promised. I showed him my ID, signed for the champers, and rang the doorbell.

"You remembered!" Nina said when she saw the champagne.

"Of course I did," I said casually. "You know me. I never forget a thing."

But when I do, I stay calm. Cause Drizly is always here for me.

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