Get Ready For Super Bowl Sunday With Drizly

Get Ready For Super Bowl Sunday With Drizly

I've been following along all season, keeping stats, tracking players, kicking ass in my fantasy league, and finally, it's time for... the Big Game!

Unfortunately, my Sundays are also the days I have a lot to get done. From trying to make my apartment look decent and getting ready for the dreaded Monday morning, I easily lose track of time.

The playoffs were no different. Two back-to-back games meant packing all the things I needed to be done during the first part of the day. But by the time I sat down to watch the game I realized what I had missed: beer.

I tried to stick it out and 5 minutes into the first quarter I knew it wasn't working. Football really is best enjoyed with a drink. I went on my phone and found the closest liquor store was a 10-minute walk away, which normally would be fine, but it's the playoffs - every play matters. I couldn't walk away and we were far from halftime.

I was texting my friends about the dilemma and one suggested I use Drizly, an app that lets you order alcohol and delivers it to your door. I didn't even know alcohol delivery was a real thing? My friend said that he uses it all the time and the best part is that they deliver in under an hour.

So I could stay on the couch and the beer would come to me? I was sold and downloaded the app.

However, convenience wasn't the only thing Drizly gave me. I now had so many options. Drizly shows all the local liquor stores in your area so the selection of drinks is way bigger than if I'd stopped in one store. Plus, shopping across multiple stores means you get to find the best price.

Not only did I choose a 6-pack of my go-to beer, but they even had an IPA that I'd been searching for so I threw that in my cart too. Just to make sure I had extra provisions, I added a bottle of bourbon. You can get everything through Drizly including beer, wine, liquor (whiskey, vodka, tequila, etc), hard seltzers, and extras like snacks, mixers, ice, and cups.

I got through the first quarter and halfway through the second quarter, my order had arrived. All I had to do was place my order and enjoy the game! Drizly really is a lifesaver.

Now with the Big Game coming up, I'm stocking up with Drizly. I've got my cart full of beers, chips & dip, and of course some champagne for when my team wins (knock on wood). I can spend the pregame time getting stuff done and check drinks off my list thanks to Drizly.

I can't believe the game day scramble I did before. My football Sunday is now complete and all the rest of my game days, thanks to Drizly.

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