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It’s Been Around FOREVER: Does Nutrisystem® Work?

We’ve all seen the ads for Nutrisystem®in magazines and on television—and now they’re about to celebrate their 50th anniversary. But does this famous program actually help real people lose weight? We wanted to find out the truth behind their many 5-star reviews!

Our editors decided to investigate to see what’s so special about Nutrisystem® and what makes it different from all the other weight loss plans out there.

Keep reading to see if it’s worth a chance—or if you should pass it up!

Convenient: Nutrisystem® delivers balanced food and a simple nutrition plan to follow. There’s no counting points or cooking over the stove for every single meal. Everything is fully prepared and ready in minutes. The meals just require a microwave or a skillet, so it fits perfectly into a busy schedule.

I have lost 18.5 lbs in 2 mos. My hubby and I joined the program at the same time and he has lost 21 lbs.* We lost 5 lbs on the first week! The NuMi app is very easy to use. All their meals taste good and we have our faves (pasta). Also love the fact that we can get recipes and guidance in regards to our new lifestyle. 100% recommend it!!” - Liz, VA *In a study on the standard plan, avg weight loss was 12.9 lbs. in the first 8 weeks.

Pre-portioned Meals: Meals are perfectly portioned for weight loss and made from quality ingredients you’ll love. They’re delicious! You’ll know exactly what to eat, no guesswork involved. You also get to eat six times a day!

“I had no idea what to expect but the food is excellent and the weight is coming off. I am one happy camper! Thank you, Nutrisystem.” - Beth, MS

More Variety Than Any Other Home-Delivery Weight Loss Brand: Nutrisystem® is focused on creating perfectly portioned versions of your favorite foods. Instead of all salads, you get hearty and wholesome meals like those offered in their Hearty Inspirations line: Full of protein, with delicious meals like Merlot Beef with Root Vegetables. Plus, Restaurant Favorites: Meals inspired by famous restaurant dishes like Bistro-Style Toasted Ravioli and Beef and Cheese Burritos. You can even enjoy your favorite healthy grocery additions and dine out occasionally at restaurants.

“I loved that I could customize my order. The food is delicious and convenient and the guides and journal helped me create a routine and smart choices for healthy eating. I could not have done this on my own. I've lost 22 pounds in 8 weeks and feel like a new person!” - Meme, California** **In a study on the standard plan, avg weight loss was 12.9 lbs. In the first 8 weeks.

A Support System: Nutrisystem® provides you with the tools you need to be successful. Their science-backed method is the modern approach to nutrition. All their plans are lower-glycemic and powered by protein. They offer a free companion app called NuMi® that’s perfect for keeping track of your daily meals and progress. They also have a great weight loss blog, The Leaf®, filled with healthy recipes and weight loss tips. You even get access to one-on-one coaching so you’re never alone.

Nutrisystem helped me focus on my physical and mental health.” –Lindsay, who lost 47 lbs.* *Expect to lose an avg 1-2lbs per week.

People Love It: They have over 10,000 five-star reviews.

“The meals are great. I am someone who had a hard time with many dieting systems I tried and this one actually worked for me. I will continue on Nutrisystem and recommend it to anyone else looking to lose weight both rapidly and effectively.” - Kimmy, PA

They have a wide range of plan offerings, including Partner Plans (for you and a partner, family member or roommate—so you’re never alone!), Vegetarian Plans, Diabetes Plans and so much more. It’s a comprehensive program that really tackles all the issues of weight loss: You know exactly what to eat, you know exactly how much, it’s delivered to your door and, yes, you really do get to eat six times a day—every day!

In addition, with the FREE NuMi® app, you’ll enjoy access to easy and helpful guidelines to keep you on track, even when you’re enjoying a homemade meal or going out to eat at night!

Nutrisystem® has been around for 50 years because it really works. They figured out how to connect all the pieces needed to demystify the process of losing weight. If you’re ready to tackle your health, wellness and weight loss goals, this is where to go.

UPDATE: The awesome folks at Nutrisystem are extending a new special offer to our readers. Save 50% OFF Nutrisystem Meals & Shakes!

*Expect to lose an average of 1-2lbs a week. ** Studies show an average 2-4 lb weight loss in 8 weeks.

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