Discover How Yumi Can Help Your Baby Get The Nutrition They Need

Opened Yumi baby food jars

All parents want their children to eat quality foods that provide the nutrients they need to grow healthy and strong. But it's hard to be so sure these days. Some baby foods are packed with preservatives, others may be high in nutritional value but taste bland, and then there are those scary brands that have been called out for foods tainted with heavy metals and other toxic ingredients.

To help parents everywhere, our editors set out to identify convenient, healthy, and - most importantly - yummy baby food options.

We immediately found quite a number of baby food subscription services. However, the company that caught our eye was undoubtedly Yumi - a certified organic company that delivers nutritious baby food right to your door. With Yumi, parents never have to sacrifice flavor or variety for nutrition.

Once we realized that Yumi offered much more than the others, we did a deep dive to learn all we could before giving them our stamp of approval.

Here's everything you need to know about Yumi:

Who is Yumi for?

Yumi has everything from purees to finger foods to kids' snacks, and even vitamins. Their menu features 7 stages - food singles, graduated singles, duos, mashables, pinchables, and finally bites - that reflect the specific phases of your child's development.

Their easy-to-follow menu is a great guide for parents as their kids transition from milk to solids.

Is Yumi truly organic?

All Yumi products are USDA Certified Organic. Plus, Yumi never uses pre-processed purees like other baby brands. Instead, Yumi opts for fresh, organic ingredients that you can be confident about serving to your little tykes.

Winner of the Clean Label Project Purity Award
Regularly Tests Ingredients & Finished Products for Heavy Metals

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Do they address allergies?

Recent research indicates that introducing babies to allergens such as dairy, crustacean shellfish, peanuts and tree nuts, soybeans, and wheat, may help prevent allergic reactions later on. Yumi respects that this approach is a parent's personal choice.

Aside from coconut, Yumi foods are free from all other Big-9 Allergens.

Are kids crazy for Yumi's flavors?

At this stage of life, it can take multiple tries before your baby falls in love with certain foods. With flavors like Japanese Sweet Potato, Carrot and Raspberry, Adzuki Bean, and Mango Chia Pudding, Yumi's chef-inspired meals are designed to expand your kids' palates early on.

With new seasonal blends every quarter, your children will never get bored.

Is it affordable?

Yumi offers 3 plans with meals starting at$3.75 each. And there's free shipping on orders of $50 and above.

Select a plan that works for you and your child, and rest assured you won't have to break the bank to provide your baby with delish vitamin-rich meals.

This is a subscription service that's great for busy parents who don't have the time to cook their babies' from scratch. Stop worrying about what's in your baby food and choose Yumi. It's time we all did our part in raising a healthier generation.

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