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Why Dads Are Loving Fanduel Sportsbook

As a Dad, it's kind of magical that my kids remind me of me at their ages; that also means they're insane.

All quarantine they've been bouncing off the walls, and now that they need to focus for school, they spend the rest of their time vibrating at hyper speed, especially during football games. They like to watch and also run around in my old jerseys chasing the dog and shouting at the screen.

My wife knew I missed going to games with her or at least watching when we could give it all our attention, so she suggested making the game more fun with FanDuel Sportsbook.

I didn't know if online betting was legit, but I'd seen the commercials and knew someone at work who'd tried it. FanDuel Sportsbook has an online version and an app that I heard was really easy to use, so I made an account with my name, email, card, and social (it stops coaches and players from betting).

Once I was in, it seemed complicated at first, but there are tutorials to explain all the terms and plenty of blogs to figure it out. For new users, they're offering $1000 risk-free for your first bet. So if you bet up to that amount and lose, you get it in credits for your next bet.

I snuck away for an hour during the week to do all my research (my wife also gets an hour to watch reality tv). You can lock in your bets right up until the game.

NFL was the only thing on my mind, but they have pretty much every sport you can think of.

When it was gametime, I was pumped. I told my kids about a risk I took and my son, Michael told me I was absolutely going to lose. I was kind of proud.

I tried to switch channels during the game commercials, but it was too chaotic. I followed along with the app on my phone to see how I was doing.

For my first time? Not bad!

My coworkers are pretty competitive, so we started a chat to talk about it every week, and roast each other over losses.

I cannot wait until next week. FanDuel Sportsbook lets me cash out immediately, and offers plenty of bonus offers that make it fun.

Even when I can go to games again or at least watch one without anybody running headfirst into the coffee table, I'll be betting with FanDuel Sportsbook.

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