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Fire Up The Grill - Dad Fashion Has Taken Over 2022

When you were growing up, did you ever think there'd be a time when you’d emulate your dad’s style? Well. In 2022, anything goes. In fact, The Cut recently declared that “everyone is dressing like a dad now.”

Men and women alike have taken to dressimg as paternal as possible. Think mid-length cutoff jean-shorts, puffer vests, sweater vests, basketball shorts, polos. Super high-waisted wide-leg pants that are borderline grandpa-chic are all the rage right now.

The “Adam Sandler” has been popularized: Bermuda shorts, oversized polo t-shirt – comfy, shapeless, casual. Socks with sandals and baseball caps. Looking like you just rolled out of bed to take out the trash is in.

Dad fashion has slowly seeped into our everyday look. We’ve even seen the revival of the “Dad Shoe,” with New Balance heavily campaigning with the slogan. Not far behind is the return of Asics, Crocs, and other father favorites.

New Balance Dad shoe

New Balance

You once mocked your dad for his favorite pair of cargo shorts, but the rise of both Dad Style and Y2K fashion have proven cargo pants are hot on the market. It turns out your father and your grandfather’s closet is the trendiest place to shop right now.

Dad fashion is effortless. It’s about wearing an oversized zip-up hoodie and, as any dad would say, “not giving a hoot.” Hike your socks up to mid-calf and the world is your runway.

It can be seen in Emily Ratajkowski’s favorite puffer jacket and Harry Styles’ suspenders. Surely the likes of Bella Hadid can make anything look cool while rocking the more extreme version of Dad Fash, but that doesn’t mean we can’t incorporate a more subtle approach into our everyday style.

Bella Hadid

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There’s nothing more refreshing than not having to actively fight your clothes all night long. Your jeans can’t squeeze you to death if they barely touch your body, and your shirt won’t come apart if it’s an oversized tee. How can your feet be sore if you’re in a pair of sturdy New Balances?

If there’s anything that we must do, it's keep the paternal influence in our style moving into 2023. Here are some pieces that are reminiscent of off-duty golf dads and little league coaches, but equally stylish.

Patagonia Better Sweater Fleece Vest

Nothing says “dad’s night out” quite like the fleece vest. I love wearing this over a sweatshirt in the colder months or with a plain turtleneck. It’s versatile and all genders will love it.

Frame High Rise Denim Bermuda Shorts

What I love about bermuda shorts is the mitigation of chub rub. They don’t ride up whatsoever, and my inner thighs rejoice at the comfort these shorts bring me.

ASOS Vintage Inspired Hawaiian Shirt

There is no easier cover up than the Hawaiian shirt. It’s fun for a beach party and to just throw over a plain white tank.

Levi's 501 '90s Jeans

One of the first things to pop up when you Google “Dad Jeans” are these Levi’s. To achieve the dad look, no part of the denim can cling to your body. Your waistband holds you up and that’s it.

New Balance 2002R

Dads and TikTokers alike will agree these New Balances are hot. They keep your feet comfortable and your outfit on point.

Carhartt Loose Fit Midweight Full-Zip Sweatshirt

The ultimate Adam Sandler look is a hoodie that’s a few sizes too big. This Carhartt one will get you through the winter. Throw this on top of literally any outfit and you’re good to go.

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