Discover Convertible Backpacks: 10 Purses That Turn into Backpacks

With these bags, you'll never have to sacrifice convenience for style.

Ever tried to keep a purse on your shoulder while biking? Ever tried to access the contents of a backpack while wearing it? While we love totes and backpacks respectively, there's no question that both have their downsides. If you love the hands-free nature of a backpack and the convenience of a tote, then we have some excellent news for you: You can have both in the same bag. Convertible backpacks are becoming more and more popular thanks to their versatility, and if you haven't already invested in one, it's probably time you do so. These clever bags usually work by allowing a long shoulder strap to be pulled down to the front of the bag and easily turned into two straps, meaning you can wear your bag as a stylish purse one minute and turn it into a functional backpack the next.

These are our top 10 convertible backpacks, all available for online order!

Carhartt Legacy Women's Hybrid Convertible Backpack Tote Bag

Carhartt Convertible backpack


Buy it here.


Notabag Convertible backpack


Buy it here.

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