How Consolidated Credit Is Helping American’s Get Back On Their Feet

How Consolidated Credit Is Helping American’s Get Back On Their Feet

There's no denying that these last few months have been difficult for everyone. Millions have lost their jobs, taken pay cuts and have had to deal with very expensive and unexpected medical bills. Having to navigate this new normal while worrying about mortgage payments and providing for your family or figuring out how to pay rent is something that no one should have to deal with.

Whether you're married with kids or a single person household, a loss or change in income can mean that people are left with no choice but to rack up their credit cards. You're not alone - So many people are now dealing with the unfortunate hand they have been dealt, and the last thing you need is to be stuck with multiple credit card payments that you're struggling to pay off.

Luckily, there is a solution. Consolidated Creditis on a mission to help Americans get back on their feet. The non-profit organization that helps consumers explore relief options for credit card debt is extending their offerings to help you get through a difficult time.

Consolidated Credit's team of financial experts make recommendations on the best option to use in your unique situation. They are offering free advice and counselling sessions to help you navigate your unique situation so that you can avoid bankruptcy, protect your credit score, and get back to stability as quickly possible.

Consolidated Credit has helped over 10 million Americans find relief from credit card debt, and getting started is free and couldn't be easier. You can give them a call or check out their easy-to-navigate website. After you tell Consolidated Credit how much credit card debt you're in, you'll be matched with a certified professional that will find solutions and build you a custom financial recovery plan to fit your needs and budget.

In addition to your financial advisor working to educate you on all of your options, they'll analyze your current debt and income, and come up with a unique payment plan that sets you up for success. Working with Consolidated Credit can help you lower your total monthly payments and reduce interest rates. Plus, they have direct connections with creditors and will do the negotiating on your behalf.

Not only will the new monthly payments be more manageable, but you can breathe easy knowing you have someone in your corner, helping you figure out a very difficult situation. There's so many things to worry about right now, so let Consolidated Credit bear some of the burden and help you get back to financial security.

Update: Consolidated Credit is offering our readers a free phone call with a certified credit counselor! Check them out to see how they can help you by following this link, or call 1-(844) 292-4844 to take advantage of this offer.