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The Best Way Your Kids Can Learn A New Language While Having Fun

I'd had it. The amount of non-listening my children were doing to me on a daily basis was at an all-time high. Between homework, sports, and the horror of asking them to pick up their dirty clothes and place them in a hamper, everything was a struggle. Every. Single. Thing.

Just when I was about to lose my mind there was a school break, and the only thing worse than trying to get my kids to do things when they are busy is trying to get them to do things when they are not. Studies show that kids who don't keep up with literacy skills over breaks can fall as much as two years behind their classmates. And teachers note seeing even greater dips in math over time. This meant that between holidays, vacation breaks and the seemingly endless void of snow days, I was expected to not only keep my kids entertained but involved academically. (Please help me.)

Luckily, something got through. I found Muzzy, an online language learning course designed for children. I tried it on my kids, and now am here to tell you the 5 Ways Muzzy Will Change Your Kids' Lives:

Guilt-Free Screen Time

Muzzy is an online subscription to a site that offers movies, games, and songs in seven different languages. By simply watching its award-winning videos and playing its tried-and-true games children can learn a second language. In other words, this is guilt-free screen time for my kids to enjoy while I take a well-earned break

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Better Information Retention

Research shows children who learn a second language can better retain information, a huge classroom skill. Muzzy is designed to appeal to children of all ages, and even adults enjoy it, which means maybe it could help me remember where I put my phone. . .

Higher Grades

Bilingual kids achieve higher scores on standardized tests, are more successful in math, and with a firmer grasp of language, develop reading skills more quickly. All under the guise of watching Muzzy's fun characters and adventurous stories, sneaky!

Cultural Awareness

The process of shifting information from language to language increases mental flexibility, creativity, and cultural awareness. Couldn't we all use a little more of this today.

No More Boredom When It's This Easy And Fun

Muzzy offers programs for younger ones—games and songs for children who are not quite independent readers yet. This is a great way to use the "window of opportunity," the first ten years of age where children can learn a second language just as easily as the first. Muzzy also still offers the original DVDs which are perfect for road trips when you can't take hearing "I'm bored" anymore. After all, if the kids are going to be saying "are we there yet?" 150 times, they might as well be saying it in French.

My kids love Muzzy because they're entertained and get their screen time. I love it because it's sneaking in valuable, educational work so I don't have to hear them not listen to me when I ask them to do things. In fact this year, the only thing my kids will be hearing will be the sound of sweet success.

Update:Muzzy is running a limited time offer: Get up to 67% off a subscription if you purchase now!

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