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Looking For A Meal Kit That Will Actually Save You Money?

When it comes to meal kits, there are so many different things to consider. The quality of the food, the speed of delivery, the personalization options, and the price. Meal kits can quickly become extremely convoluted, defeating the purpose of the quick and convenient dining solution.

By offering a never-ending list of options, meal kit newcomers may feel a bit overwhelmed. If only there was a meal kit that embraces simplicity and ease--a way to skip all of the unnecessary steps and get straight to the good part.

Enter Chefs Plate, Canada's original meal kit service that offers flexible plans for all types of diners (picky eaters included). Originally composed of only two meal categories, the service has evolved. They now cater to omnivores, vegetarians, families, and more. Despite their breadth of personalized features, Chefs Plate remains easy to use with the best value of any meal kit on the market.

More Variety Than You Could Ask For

Chefs Plate offers a wide variety of meals for all palates. You can choose meals based on 1 of 4 preferences which include Meat & Vegetables, Family Friendly, Vegetarian, and 15-Minutes. There's 15 recipes to pick from each week, with new, delicious options being added all the time. All you have to do is choose up to 5 recipes each week, and decide how many servings you want. The best part is that all of Chefs Plate's ingredients are sourced from responsible farms on the local and national level. Everything you receive is fresh and you'll always know exactly where it came from.

The Best Prices Out There

The price per meal is absolutely astounding. Weekly deliveries range from $8.99 to $12.95 per plate. Shipping is free on all orders except for 2-recipe boxes for 2 people which includes a $6 shipping fee.

All plans, including the Family plan, the Classic plan and the Vegetarian plan, are extremely affordable, allowing you to purchase meals for $8.99 per serving. The 15-Minute plan, however, is priced at $12.15 per plate. Based on this pricing structure alone, Chefs Plate has the most excellent value of any meal kit out there with all of the variety included!

Home Cooked Meals Without The Grocery Store

Skip the grocery store and have all of your meals delivered straight to your door! While Chefs Plate does not offer nationwide shipping just yet, it does cover most of Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Quebec.

You don't even have to be home to accept the order!

A Flexible Program For A Busy Lifestyle

Nobody wants to get locked into a specific product or service, even if it is the greatest thing since sliced bread! Users can pause, tweak or cancel anytime they wish. You can also manage orders up to 6 weeks in advance.

Chefs Plate might not have many bells or whistles, but when you're offering high quality meals at the lowest price possible, you don't really have to worry about that. It's quick, easy, and more affordable than anything else out there! Check out Chefs Plate today and experience the democratization of home cooking for yourself.

Update: Our friends at Chefs Plate are celebrating the New Year with a limited time offer for our readers. Follow this link to get 50% Off Your First 2 Chefs Plate Orders

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