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My Secret For Delicious Home Cooked Meals​

Does everyone's Mom still tell them what they should do, or is that just my Mom? Everything I do she has a better way of doing it. I know it's because she cares, and most of the time she's right, like when she tells me I need to eat better!

It only hit me lately how much I rely on take-out and deli sandwiches for way too many meals. I used to blame my busy work and social schedule for my weakness for convenience foods. I never had time to cook a proper meal. But, honestly, I did not know how to cook!! Unless you call a grilled-cheese sandwich cooking.

This was slightly embarrassing at my age! So I decided to learn. I bought cookbooks, pots and pans, and utensils. But I'm still a rotten cook, the recipes were super complicated and the ingredient list went on for pages. Besides, who has time and patience to do this every night?

When I told my work colleagues about my disastrous culinary attempt, I gave everyone a great laugh. Turns out, I wasn't the only one who was a stinko chef. One of my co-workers, Tom, said my story reminded him of himself before he found Chefs Plate.

Chefs Plate sounds fancy, I said. He told me it's the best meal kit around. All the ingredients to whip up simple, yet tasty, meals get delivered right to your door.

Ok great, I won't have to go to the grocery store. But what do I do with all the ingredients?

Don't be scared, they explain everything, he told me. The ingredients are the exact amount needed to make the meals you choose from their 15 meal menu. Plus, it comes with the easiest-to-follow recipe cards.

I pulled up the Chefs Platewebsite and checked out their menu. The food looked so good it made me hungry for lunch and it was only 10 am! Tom pointed out the Cajun Turkey Alfredo and Spicy Pork Dan Dan Noodles he made last week.

You actually cooked those?

Yep. And I had leftovers for lunch, he added.

That night I went back on the Chefs Plate site. I couldn't stop thinking about how good the food looked. And if Tom could cook it, anyone could. Then I noticed that some recipes cook in only 15 mins. That's less time than it takes to deliver my take out! Perhaps I did have time to start cooking.

So I ordered my first Chefs Plate meal kit. It was so easy to order - only $8.99 per serving - and it arrived in a few days.

First up was Spicy Hoisin Beef Noodleswith Snap Peas and Bok Choy. When I took the ingredients out of the recyclable brown bag, I'll admit that I started to freak out. But when I read the simple step-by-step recipe card, it felt like stuff I could do. Plus, it had a gorgeous photo of what the final outcome would be - how could I go wrong?

And in no time at all, I was sitting at my dining room table, eating the best meal everrrr. And I made it! It was delicious - I felt so satisfied that I'd cooked something this good. I was skeptical about how fresh the ingredients would be but Chefs Plate sources their food from local Canadian Farmers. Skip the grocery store and get the freshest products directly from local farmers and suppliers. And you can really taste it on the plate!

Every Chefs Plate meal I cooked that week was scrumptious, I rustled up Coconut Pork Vindaloo Curry with Garlic Naan and Basmati Rice for my Mom and she almost fell over. She loved it so much!. At least, that's one thing she can get off my back about.

Now I can't wait for my Chefs Plate box to arrive each week - no more delis or take out needed. Delicious homemade dinners made in minutes? I didn't think it was possible but it truly is with Chefs Plate.

Update: Our friends at Chefs Plate are extending a limited time offer to our readers. Follow this link to get 50% off your first 2 Chefs Plate deliveries!

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