What People Are Saying About Chefs Plate

What People Are Saying About Chefs Plate

Mealtime can be annoying for any number of reasons. Maybe you're spending too much money on takeout or dread going to the grocery store. Perhaps you're continually stuck with leftovers that just sit in the fridge for weeks at a time until you have to call in a hazmat team to haul it away. For whatever reason, mealtime can be convoluted.

Everyone has a different pain point when it comes to eating, but there seems to be a universal one-size-fits-all solution:Chefs Plate. Unlike other meal kits, Chefs Plate is revolutionizing how people eat by delivering everything you need to make incredibly simple and delicious meals in under 30 minutes.

They provide an easy-to-get-started option that literally anyone can use. Whether you're a seasoned chef or a pure novice, Chefs Plate has something for everyone.

But don't just take our word for it. Here's what others are saying about Chefs Plate:


Pain Point: Spending wayyy too much on food delivery each day

Favorite Feature: Simple recipe cards with easy-to-cook meals

Experience: I'll be honest. For the last few years, I was ordering in delivery at least twice a day. I have no clue how it got this bad. Granted, my parents rarely cooked at home so I was practically raised on takeout! But with all of the extra free time on my hands this past year I decided to finally take action.

Chefs Plate is changing the game for me when it comes to meal time. Instead of shelling out $20 on every meal, I now eat for literally less than half of that price! Not to mention, I'm finally a "pro" at rustling up delicious meals like Spicy Chipotle Beef Sloppy Joes.

The Busy Mom

Pain Point: To exhausted to cook dinner for kids after work

Favorite Feature: Kid-friendly meals that can be prepped in under 30-minutes

Experience: When I get to the end of the working day, I feel incredibly worn out. I work at least 9 hours each day and then I'm expected to cook a Michelin 5-star meal (ok, not really, but the expectations are still insane)?!? I needed a solution and that's when I found Chefs Plate.

Chefs Plate offers a massive variety of meals with a ton of flexibility. Whether we're in the mood for some meat and veggies or something more family-friendly, Chefs Plate has got us covered. The fresh ingredients arrived pre-portioned and neatly organized.And with the easy-to-ready instructions my kids are actually pitching in and helping during mealtime.

With my two little sous chefs and Chefs Plate's super convenient plan, I'm never looking back!


Pain Point: Planning our meals each week + agreeing on it

Favorite Feature: 19 different easy-to-cook recipes that are constantly changing each week

Experience: My boyfriend and I constantly disagree on what to eat. As a pseudo-vegetarian, I'm usually looking for great plant-based meals, while my boyfriend is all about the right cut of steak. Planning what we want to eat each week and then going to the grocery store has become a source of many arguments.

Chefs Plate gives us the opportunity to tailor our weekly meals to our liking. They even offer a fantastic Meat & Veggies plan that covers a range of delicacies that prove to be a hit week after week. We love the sheer variety of what's on the menu and having the ability to customize our serving and portion sizes each week means that we never waste money!

Final Thoughts

Mealtime shouldn't be a chore and with Chefs Plate, it doesn't have to be. Make the switch today and start saving time, money, and sanity with the simplest meal kit on the market!

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