How Chefs Plate Helped Us Fall In Love With Cooking Again

How Chefs Plate Helped Us Fall In Love With Cooking Again

My husband and I have always loved teaming up and cooking up something new for the kids. Now that the kids are all grown up and at college, we have got into a rut when it comes to food.

We have been just either getting food to stick in the oven, or cooking something easy that we can eat in front of the television, watching some game shows.

I thought it was time to spice things up, I remembered all the times when my husband, Michael, and I were young and dating; the thing we loved the most was going to different restaurants and trying new food. We could never afford to travel then and once the kids came along their schedules made it difficult to visit exotic places.

I thought it was time we got back to that, exploring culture through food, but I had no idea where to start with cooking these types of cuisines. I printed out recipes online but I couldn't find half the ingredients in the grocery store. I was about to give up when my daughter told me about this amazing service called Chefs Plate; a site that has lots of different cuisines, where all the ingredients are delivered to your doorstep along with the recipes.

It sounded like the perfect solution for me and my husband. We get everything we need delivered, and still get to enjoy the parts of cooking we love most. The meals start at $8.99 per serving, and you can choose your box size, either 2 or 4, we usually go for two as it is just the two of us. You can also select your number of meals for the week, and pick between the mouth-watering recipes, and you're good to go.

The meals are updated every week and you can choose between meat and vegetarian or just vegetarian, and they even have a family-friendly option. It's exciting that you can see the menu for the current week and up to two weeks in advance. The convenience of getting all the ingredients delivered to my door saves me so much time. Searching in the aisles of grocery stores for the right ingredients used to be a hassle, but Chefs Plate has made it so easy.

I selected the preference for three meals per week, just to try it. Michael and I loved the Loaded Chipotle Bean Tacos- we had so much fun cooking the umami-packed flavour of gochujang (Korean pepper paste) that went into our Korean style pork fried rice.

We enjoyed being healthy and balanced with Spicy Chili-Glazed Chicken with sesame zucchini noodles. It made us fall in love with cooking again.

We had something to do together again, apart from watching game shows on TV and then falling asleep. We rediscovered who we used to be without the kids, people who loved exploring different cultures and used food as our insight into them. We would never have been able to attempt these recipes without Chefs Plate.

Now when the kids come home for visits, we have tons of different food and cuisines we can try.. Although Michael and I love to cook together, we used to have so many ideas and argue over how long to cook the sauce, but thanks to Chefs Plate's easy-to-follow and clear instructions, the cooking is seamless and we work great as a team.

We would usually only cook together on special occasions, where we would make all the food from scratch. But thanks to Chefs Plate we are cooking together three times a week and it's given us something new to bond over, I wouldn't change it for the world.

Chefs Plate and their incredible recipes have brought me and my husband together again, now our house smells of spices and herbs instead of candles and Febreze. If you are into cooking. or even want to try some new recipes, give Chefs Plate a shot.

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