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Why We’re Signing Up For Chefs Plate

If there's one daily struggle we can all relate to, it's dinnertime. After a long day at work or wrangling the kids, you just want to sit down to a delicious, wholesome meal and relax. Although it sounds picture-perfect, a truly satisfying dinner at home is easier said than done.

Our editors have been searching for the solution to everyone's dinner dilemma because despite our love for take-out it's just not sustainable for anyone's wallet. Of course, we've heard a lot about meal kit delivery services lately but are they worth it? We decided to look into one that everyone's been raving about: Chefs Plate.

This meal kit service certainly stands out. They have three different plans to choose from: Meat & Vegetables, Vegetarian, and Family Friendly and you can select 2, 3, or 4 meals per week for 2 or 4 people. Chefs Plate's menu gives you 19 recipes each week ranging from global cuisine like Moroccan Harissa Turkey to Candian favorites like Montreal-Spiced Chicken Thighs for as low as $8.99 per serving.

Before we took the leap we decided to see what real Chefs Plate customers had to say:

"So convenient"

"We love Chefs Plate. My husband and I come home at the same time from work so grabbing a bag from the fridge and quickly making a delicious meal is so convenient. The food selection is so vast and trying new things is fantastic. Thumbs up from us!!" - Heidi G.

"No more planning or thinking or stressing about dinner"

"Chefs Plate has been a lifesaver for 2 busy parents with 3 little kids. No more planning or thinking or stressing about dinner after a long day of work . . . It's a marriage saver - we can even cook together because we just follow the directions and no one has to make decisions or be in charge. Kids love most of the food and parents are happy to eat non-kid food finally! Thank you Chefs Plate!" - Adel K.

"Delicious and original"

"My husband and I have been trying meal delivery services for years, and keep coming back to Chefs Plate. Unlike other companies, their vegetarian options are delicious and original. Who wants to eat roasted veggies on rice every night?" - Stephanie H.

"Incredibly fresh"

"Love the recipes. The food is incredibly fresh and of the best quality. The portions are excellent. We always get at least 1 lunch out of the leftovers." - Kayleen C.

"Top-notch meat and produce"

"The meat and produce are always top-notch quality. I feel like a culinary chef 3 days a week." - Mark P.

Everyone's loving Chefs Plate and it's the clear winner for breaking our take-out habit and saving us from our old cooking struggles. Chefs Plate delivers recipe cards and ingredients right to our door so we can get from boxed to plated in as fast as 15 minutes.

No more grocery store runs or intense meal prep, just nutritious meals that we can make at the end of a long day. Plus, with their super flexible subscription, we can skip a week or cancel anytime.

Since signing up, we've been enjoying mouth-watering homemade meals at an affordable price without having to do all the heavy lifting.

Trust us, once you go with Chefs Plate every dinner at home will taste just as good as eating out (and your wallet will thank you).

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