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Cheap Ways to Spruce Up Your Bathroom

The best ways to make your bathroom shine.

Despite how much time you spend, when it comes to home decorations, your bathroom is likely to get overlooked.

Even tiny tweaks can lead to a much more pleasant experience on the toilet or in the bath, and you can do most of them on an equally small budget. Here are some pro tips that'll take your bathroom game to the next level.

1. Poo-Pourri

poo pourri


Possibly the best bathroom-related invention since, well, toilet bowls, Poo-Pourri will single-handedly change your entire bathroom experience. It's essentially a deodorizing spray made from essential oils, which means it smells really nice and doesn't contain any of the toxins or chemicals normally found in bathroom odor sprays. There's nothing better than never needing to worry when someone enters the bathroom after you.

2. Linen Scented Candle

linen scent soy candle


One of the nicest bathroom-related smells is the fresh towel scent that hits you right after hanging up your freshly cleaned linen. While you could achieve this smell consistently through daily laundry loads, it's a lot easier just to buy a candle. Not only will it add a nice scent to your bathroom, but the candle itself provides nice decoration that makes your bathroom look cared for and well-kempt.

3. Wall Art

sea turtle bathroom wall art


The right wall art can provide a surprising amount of character. Depending on your bathroom's size, wall art can either make the room seem larger or tie the whole place together. Plus, having something visually interesting to stare at can provide a nice reprieve from whatever your business is in there. We recommend this nice sea turtle print because it's relaxing and water-themed.

4. Bathroom Rug

bathroom mat


There's nothing worse than walking into the bathroom and coming to the horrific realization that the floor is wet and now your socks are soaked. A nice bathroom rug will make this terrible tragedy a thing of the past. Good bathroom rugs are built to absorb rogue liquid, so as long as you step carefully when you get out of the shower, water won't even touch the floor.

5. Storage Jars

bathroom container


Clear jars can be both functional and aesthetically pleasing in your bathroom. They provide a stylish means of easily accessing cosmetic essentials like cotton swabs, pads, and balls, or can alternatively house dental products, nail clippers, or any other number of things. At the same time, they make your bathroom look neat, tidy, and manicured.

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