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We Tried CBDistillery And Charlottes Web, Which One Would We Recommend?

There are so many CBD companies, it can be difficult to separate the good stuff from the mediocre. A simple search yields an overwhelming amount of information, and finding something to soothe your stresses should not be stressful.

We decided to take a look at two of the top CBD companies in the space: CBDistillery and Charlotte's Web. They produce high quality hemp that can be consumed in a multitude of ways.

They're both popular options, but keep reading to find out which is the best.

Key Similarities

  • Both have excellent reputations in the CBD space along with a plethora of positive reviews
  • Both offer a wide variety of products in different strengths: oils, gummies, softgels, and more
  • Both contain third-party tested United States farm-grown hemp
  • Both have easy-to-navigate websites with appealing graphics
  • Both offer 0% THC options
  • Both have money-back guarantees
  • Both offer free shipping after spending a certain amount ($75 for CBDistillery, $74 for Charlotte's Web)
  • Both offer products for dogs!

Key Differences

  • CBDistillery offers higher strength products, with the highest being a 5000 MG bottle
  • CBDistillery offers newer cannabinoids, CBG and CBN
  • CBDistillery uses MCT coconut oil in its tinctures and Charlotte's Web offers olive oil as a carrier oil option
  • CBDistillery is more affordable than Charlotte's Web
    • Ex: CBDistillery's 30-count 30mg softgels goes for $60, and Charlotte's Web's 30-count 25mg softgels goes for $75
  • Charlotte's Web offers oil tinctures in other flavors like Mint Chocolate and Orange Blossom

CBDistillery Overview

This brand feels so approachable. They have a clean website with loads of educational content, and a blog that helps point people in the direction for the right products for them. They're also at the forefront of CBD research, and will be one of the first to offer CBG and CBN, which have different focuses, like sleep.

We adore the simple and cheery packaging on their products - this feels like it belongs in a kitchen cabinet, instead of hidden away in a drawer.

Known as the "value" brand in the industry, they offer high-quality products at affordable prices. Their full spectrum oil goes for just $35 for regular strength! It's a lower price point than many of their competitors, including Charlotte's Web.

We went with the basic tincture and were supremely satisfied. For full transparency, there's a QR code on the back of every product where you can view the specific certificate of analysis for your item's batch!

CBDistillery delivered on their promises, and for such a sensible cost per MG of CBD, we'd definitely consider other products.

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Charlotte's Web Overview

One of the most well-known in the space, Charlotte's Web has garnered a great deal of press from its heart-warming founders' story; a young girl named Charlotte who dealt with seizures found relief with CBD oil treatment created by the founders, the Stanley Brothers.

They have a wide range of products with cool mountainous graphics on the labels that honor their Colorado origins.

Charlotte's Web straddles the space between a value brand and a boutique brand; they offer so many products, but price them at a higher point than CBDistillery.

Our tincture definitely looks cool on the nightstand, but for a more expensive fee, didn't provide a particularly different experience than the CBDistillery one.

We were also intrigued by the flavored oils, but the hemp flavor was still detectable, so it wasn't a huge difference.

Final Notes

Overall, their reputations hold up; these are two legitimate brands that can serve your needs!

However, we were more impressed by CBDistillery's quality and price (not just quality FOR price). They've got over 42,000 5-star reviews, so we're sure whatever you choose will give you those positive benefits of CBD.

Charlotte's Web may offer a specific product you want, but in general, we think CBDistillery is a better deal. Lower prices for higher strength, quality CBD? No brainer.

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