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I Never Thought CBD Worked Until I Found CBDistillery

Is it just me, or does every tiny aliment or stressor feel like a hundred times worse as this year progresses? It's been a tough time for everyone, but I feel like working from home the last few months has magnified everything.

I've always had an iffy back, but the pings of pain were few and far between. But recently it's evolved into a pretty consistent discomfort, which I've attributed to long days sitting at my computer followed by long nights Netflixin' on my couch. But I figured that there's no point complaining about it, because we're all in the same boat, right?

I, like many people, have developed some not so great habits in the last few months. But one positive thing I've started to do for myself is taking a weekly virtual yoga class. It started off great, but as the weeks went on, my back pain stopped me from achieving some of the poses (I thought yoga was supposed to help with that). Anyway, I was chatting with my teacher after class one day and mentioned the pain I've been experiencing. That's when she recommended that I try a CBD product.

Of course, I'd heard of CBD products and all of their supposed benefits, but I'd never tried it before. There are just sooo many brands out there these days, and I can't tell you how many times I've had to listen to my friends complain about how they'd wasted money on a pricey product that did absolutely nothing for them. No thanks.

But my yoga teacher, who is a bonafide wellness guru, told me that she only uses CBDistillery products and that she was initially drawn to them because they were the first CBD brand to introduce a Certificate of Analysis, a document from an accredited 3rd party laboratory that shows the specific quantities and potency of each ingredient they use.

I'm a pretty logical person, and by the sound of it, CBDistillery is 100% transparent about everything, which made me want to check them out.

I assumed their products would be super expensive, but I was pleasantly surprised by how affordable they were. CBDistillery has a pretty impressive product offering- gummies, tinctures ect, but I immediately jumped to their Relief Stick. It contains broad-spectrum hemp that's derived from non-GMO plants grown right here in the US. I knew hemp-based products could help with stress and sleep issues, but I didn't know it apparently helped with aches and pains. Still, I wasn't totally convinced.

Then I saw that these guys have over 42,000 5 star reviews. Loyal customers are hard to find (everyone just loves to complain) so this really reassured me. I was also curious about the other ingredients they use and was relieved to see that their broad-spectrum CBD contains undetectably low amounts of THC (with undetectably low amounts of THC there is "No high").

Their Relief Stick also contains soothing menthol and other natural ingredients like coconut oil and beeswax. It sounded like an all-star line up of products, and as my back ached and I was reading the "Ultimate CBD User Guide" on their site, I decided to just try it for myself.

I went for their extra-strength option, which contains 1000mg's of CBD and costs $75. When it arrived a few days later, I was excited to try it, but still a little skeptical.

Applying it to my lower back was easy, and I was happy that it didn't leave a lot of residue. The menthol felt great on my skin, and after about a half-hour, my back definitely felt less tense.

I've been using it every day for the last few weeks, and it has reduced my back pain significantly. CBD is potent so a little really goes a long way, giving you fantastic value as a result. I can't believe it took me so long to try a CBD product, and I'm glad I didn't have to try heaps of ineffective brands before I found something that worked for me. CBDistillery's site is full of information that helped educate me on the amazing benefits CBD can have on your health.

CBDistillery is committed to bringing the highest quality CBD at the lowest prices, and how transparent they are speaks for itself. They're at the forefront of industry research and innovation, and I've recommended them to all of my friends who've had bad experiences with CBD in the past.

UPDATE: CBDistillery has a special offer for our content readers - Get $15 OFF your 1000mg Broad Spectrum CBD Relief Stick!

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