We Tried A Bunch Of Different CBD Products & Here's What We Found.

We Tried A Bunch Of Different CBD Products & Here's What We Found.

They're definitely not all created equal.

Everyone has probably heard of CBD. But what really is this powder, oil, gummy, or cream we're being sold?

The use of CBD has become very popular for many medical and personal purposes due to the anti-inflammatory benefits combined with the absence of psychoactive effects. The research into CBD continues and the promising results have led to an explosion in the CBD market.

This competition is good news for consumers, but it also makes navigating this novel industry difficult. And with a lack of FDA regulations, the industry has become notorious for its lack of transparency and efficacy. A recent Leafreport study found that 27% of leading CBD brands products don't contain the dosages that are indicated on their labels.

To help make your CBD decision a little easier, we decided to try the top contenders to see how they measure up! Here's our review of Prima, Charlotte's Web, and PlusCBD topical products.


If you are looking for all-round wellness then Prima is the brand for you. Prima wants to deliver mindful wellness to its customers through their products.

They've harnessed the power of CBD to create the Daily capsules($45) to restore balance in your body along with three powder elixir blends, one for brain fuel ($55), one for your mind and body ($48), and one for rest ($55).

At first, we were apprehensive about the CBD capsules and powder elixirs as we heard so much about CBD oil. Would it really make that much of a difference which way we consume CBD??

Yes! The Prima products not only worked for us but they all felt luxurious, and you could feel how high-quality the ingredients are in the products.

Prima also provides great information about the powers of hemp, the science behind their products, and the meaning behind all their products along with clear ingredients lists and their sources.

Their hemp is tested 5 times throughout production to ensure purity, potency, and safety. It is also tested by independent 3rd party facilities. We can see why they were awarded their B Corp Certification, they're a truly ethical and transparent company.

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Charlotte's Web

Most of us knew of CW so were very excited to try their products. They offer different capsules ($39.99-$74.99), oils ($24.99-$239.99), gummies ($29.99-$49.99), and an isolate ($69.99). All of their ingestibles contain varying amounts of CBD, the higher the concentration the higher the price. Their hemp is continually tested and ensures that no toxic ingredients are used and that their products are free of 8 Major Allergens.

As excited as we were about trying CW, we were overwhelmed by their site - there are a lot of products! It looked like the same product multiple times, with not much difference between many of their products.

After purchasing some capsules, an oil, and the strongest gummies we tried them out, we tried them out and found that some of them worked and some of them didn't. This made us wonder if Charlotte's Web had diluted their effective product line with lower quality ones just to expand their product line. As customers, we were a little confused and disappointed by the range in quality.

Plus CBD

This website will have you singing the That '70s Show theme song!! It's such a throwback, we love it. Their promise is that their products deliver "happiness" because it is the right hemp. Despite the playfulness of their website, it is very informative about how hemp works in the body, what it really does, and how we can benefit from using it.

Their ingestible range offers oil drops ($29.99- $67.95) gummies ($11.99), soft gels($24.99-$11.99), and sprays ($19.99). The hemp in PlusCBD is grown from EU-certified hemp seeds by farmers with a long unbroken history going back centuries of cultivating the highest quality hemp on their fertile soil.

The shop section on their website is nicely arranged into Stress support, Sleep support, and Soreness support. But many of their products are separated based on their formulas- Gold complex, Total Plant Complex, and Raw Formula. We didn't think it was clear what was the difference between these formulas except for the varying prices.

With such a fun ethos we really wanted to big up Plus CBD but sadly their products didn't have much of an impact on any of us. We agreed we would finish off the products we bought but none of us would repurchase them.


So which products would we definitely repurchase? Simple - Prima. We all easily found which product was the one for us and the best part was that it actually worked really well! All three brands promise that their hemp is the highest quality and with the cleaning purest ingredients, but Prima must do something different.

Prima also adds so many other powerful botanical ingredients to deliver a holistic whole-body wellness experience in their products. Their doctor-formulated science-backed clean formulas optimize the therapeutic potential of plant compounds to harmonize the body, inside and out.

They make meaningful CBD products with a purpose, with truly high-quality hemp and clean ingredients- that's what the industry needs and what customers are searching for.

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