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How I Used CBD Oil To Find My Focus

You know that feeling when you hit Friday and you're running on fumes?

I used to feel like that on Monday. Every Monday, for months. Tense, uptight, unable to focus during the day, or get much rest at night. I was staggering along from week to week, accepting this as my new normal.

Then I ran into my friend KC, who was walking her new rescue dog, Finn. When I told her how I was doing—badly—she suggested something to help: Feals CBD oil.

For me, CBD oil is like Santa Claus—a fairy tale. I told KC I'd tried it and it hadn't done any good. KC insisted I give Feals a try.

KC told me Feals has a genius thing called the Flight—three samples of different strengths so you can figure out what amount is best for you before buying a full-sized bottle. And the best thing? The Flight's only $20!

I figured if I expected nothing I'd only be out 20 bucks, so I took a chance.

A few days later, a package from Feals showed up at my door.

I wasn't sure how long to space out the doses in the Flight, so I live-chatted with them and they recommended I try one vial a day for three consecutive days.

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I started with 40 MG, the lightest dose. I maybe felt a teeny-tiny difference? I couldn't really tell. Did this stuff really work, or was it just me wishing that it worked—sort of like a placebo?

The next day, I tried the 80 MG sample—and this is where I really noticed a difference. I hadn't felt so relaxed, so centered, in months. I couldn't believe it, but Feals' CBD oil actually works!

Late the following evening, I dropped the 160 MG vial under my tongue and held it for 30 seconds before swallowing. That night I dozed off quickly and had my first good night's sleep in ages. Feals totally blew away all of my doubts about CBD.

All of Feals' products contain less than 0.3% THC so it won't get you high.

I was so happy with the Flight that I immediately went online and ordered a 1200 MG full-sized bottle. And when I saw that I get 30% off with their subscription option, I signed up.

I'm so glad KC introduced me to Feals. It provides the peaceful, calming effect I was looking for. I'm alert and focused for work, sleeping deeply at night, and alive to the moment each and every day.

More reasons I love Feals . . .

  • 2 Powerful Ingredients - Full-spectrum CBD extract & 100% organic MCT oil, a fat-burning superfood
  • American CBD - Sourced from family-owned farms in Colorado and Oregon
  • Goldilocks Syndrome - Try the Flight and discover the strength that's just right for you
  • The Feals Hotline - Live chat available 24/7
  • Subscribe - And receive 30% off every order!
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