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Everything You Need To Know After Having A Car Accident

Car accidents are difficult to handle. Between the physical and emotional stress of the accident itself, there's a lot to deal with in the aftermath: car insurance, hospital bills, and legal proceedings. While there is so much to do, there are also great resources to help you get it all done.

We want to make sure you understand all the realities of a car accident. The average cost of an accident-caused injury is $27,000 and insurance, in theory, is there to protect you, but making sure they actually do is a whole other process. The best way to deal with this and the other parties in your accident is a personal injury lawyer.

Deciding whether or not to get an attorney can be a stressful process. We have the answers to your most pressing questions:

How do I know if I qualify for a settlement?

Only a personal injury lawyer can tell you if you qualify for a settlement. However, if you do these settlements can cover numerous costs associated with your accidents. This means that you could be covered for any medical bills, auto repairs, insurance payments, loss of wages, and more.

Taking off the financial pressure after an accident can help you recover in so many ways. The best avenue to getting this compensation is by seeking legal advice from an expert attorney.

Do I have to pay to have a consultation with a lawyer?

When you use 247Legal to find a lawyer, you get a FREE consultation! They'll review your circumstances and tell you the possibilities. There is no commitment to pursue any legal action required in this first meeting, so it's worth doing. Feel free to ask questions and truly consider all your options with no obligations.

How time-consuming will this be?

Legal proceedings vary in length but getting started is fast and straightforward. Simply fill out a few questions that should only take about 2 minutes of your time, and then you'll be connected with an attorney by phone.

Getting the information you need to help you decide how to proceed has never been easier than with 247Legal.

How do I find the right lawyer for me?

Through the consultation process, you get to see if you connect with the lawyer, and if not, 247Legal can connect you to other attorneys until you find the right match. It's important to choose a lawyer you feel comfortable with and that works for you.

Will it be a lawyer in my area?

Any lawyer that 247Legal connects you with will be in your local area.

Motor vehicle accidents make up 52% of personal injury cases, so you're not alone. We understand that the aftermath is difficult, so 247Legal is available to you now, at your convenience, when you most need help.

You can't change what happened but you can decide how to move forward and with 247Legal it's simple.

Before you get started, answer these 3 questions

  • Was your accident less than 2 years ago?
  • Were you injured in the accident and was the accident someone else's fault?
  • Do you currently have an attorney representing you for this injury?
If you answered yes to the first two questions and no to the last, 247Legal can help you!

Contact an Attorney Today!

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