Can WIN Reality Really Improve Your Kid’s Baseball Skills?

Can WIN Reality Really Improve Your Kid’s Baseball Skills?

As a baseball parent and proud Little League coach, I’m always looking for new ways to improve the game. I recently discovered WIN Reality, a virtual reality (VR) baseball training tool that promises a changeup to traditional baseball training methods.

WIN Reality simulates realistic pitches with a variety of types, speeds, and arm angles. It also precisely tracks where your hits go and records your statistics, which helps optimize training from your backyard or living room.

Sounds great, but how does VR compare to traditional training methods? Is it worth the money? And would my kid actually enjoy it?

A little context

I have a 12 year old son who plays Little League ball. If you’re a baseball parent like me, you’re all too familiar with the challenge of finding ways to help them practice during offseasons, school breaks, etc.

Your options are basically overpaying for an hour at loud, crowded batting cages or driving your kid to the local field only to find it occupied.

WIN Reality is a VR app, which means players can practice anywhere, anytime — from their garage to living room. All you need is a virtual reality headset (Meta Quest is recommended).

But I’m not interested in an app that merely provides a fun way to pass the time (my son has enough video games). He’s serious about baseball, and we put in the work together to improve his skills. It’s not just a game, it’s “our thing.”

I’ll also admit that I know very little about VR. Would that be a problem?

There was only one way to find out… I signed up for WIN’s Pro plan, which is just $25/month for their annual subscription.

It includes things like unlimited access to training, a personalized improvement plan, and even 2X/monthly small group lessons with a professional hitting coach.

Initial thoughts

From the moment I put on the headset, I was blown away by the quality of both the visual experience and the level of detail WIN Reality offers. Seeing exactly where the pitch crossed the plate in VR for the first time instantly improved my understanding of the strike zone.

A stadium experience, from your garage

It provides specific training tools that target skills like pitch recognition, positioning, and directional hitting, while the live pitch feature allows me to control exactly where and what type of pitch to throw and where.

There’s also a library of 600+ pitchers to choose from, so my son could face velocities from 40-100+ mph, see any pitch type imaginable, from fastballs to sliders, and train against righties and lefties from any arm angle. WIN uses actual pitch data and pitcher windups to provide an amazingly realistic hitting experience.

Detailed stats provided on every pitch

Exhibition mode immerses you in a packed stadium and simulates a real game — I was still unsure if it would really replicate a real life practice, but I was so intrigued that I downloaded it for my kid to try.

Before trying WIN Reality, I would spend $60 for an hour session at the local batting cage a few times per month. This process involved scheduling the appointment and spending money on gas — all with zero performance data.

WIN provides instant feedback in the app and full stat tracking over time in the WIN Dashboard and App.

My son also gets unlimited pitches and can practice in our garage, which means no more rain delays. The main investment is the VR headset, but even that pays for itself after just a few sessions.

As for my fear of not understanding VR being a problem? No issue there. The app itself is intuitive, and WIN’s website provides a ton of resources on how to use every feature.

What my kid thinks about WIN Reality

Fancy features and data are great, but they don’t mean anything if my son didn’t enjoy using WIN Reality.

In that area, it’s been a grand slam… Not only does my son use it almost every day, I’ll admit that I’ve even spent some late nights on my home run swing. WIN Reality certainly has the allure of playing a video game, but it translates to clear, real-life progress for in-game settings.

My son quickly began bragging to his teammates about the app, and soon my garage became a training hub for many players on the team. They specifically love the Rocket City competition mode, which is essentially a multiplayer training session.

What I think about WIN Reality

One of my biggest questions I had about WIN going in was, does it really work?

I’m pleased to report: heck yeah! Within a few months, I noticed my son’s hitting IQ had significantly improved. Apparently using WIN for just 15 minutes a day helps players develop skills like plate discipline 7x faster than those who don’t.*

I also love WIN Reality’s Live Pitch mode, which allows me to pitch to my son anytime, anywhere. He’s gotten better at identifying balls (crucial for Little League) and his improved confidence has been so rewarding to watch, as both a parent and coach.

I thus wasn’t surprised to learn that many college teams and pro athletes use WIN Reality — this product is the real deal. It also provides elite training programs that can be customized for any skill level, which means I don’t need to worry about my kid outgrowing it.

As a coach, this is one impressive lineup

Parting thoughts

WIN Reality has been a game changer for my son and I. The app is both fun to use and has led to real improvements in his play.

If you’re looking for a way to help your kid to step up their baseball training, WIN Reality is a real — pardon my dad humor — winner.

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*Source: https://winreality.com/faqs/