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Can A Daily Supplement Support Your Overall Health?

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When we think about getting sick, we think of boosting our immune system and looking after our bodies. We fill ourselves with vitamin C sachets and buy all the oranges in the store. But is this the only way we may support our health when experiencing immune stress?

Newly published preclinical research from Dr. Charles Brenner, ChromaDex Chief Scientific Advisor, and his fellow investigators has helped us move in the direction of potentially answering this very question. Brenner has been researching nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+) for years, demonstrating the importance of this molecule in helping to produce cellular energy. His new preclinical research sheds light on how viral infections may deplete cells' NAD+ levels in infected cell lines, infected ferrets, and a deceased patient's lung. "The virus and infected cells appear to be playing a tug-of-war with cellular NAD+," Brenner explains, "Infected cells activate a set of genes to use NAD+ for defense while the virus has a specific gene to try to defeat this."

NAD+ is a coenzyme that's critical to the healthy function of our cells. As a cellular resource, NAD+ helps cells generate the energy they need to perform, survive, and function. When NAD+ levels are supported, so are our cells. This helps us maintain health, starting at the cellular level.

A growing amount of research in humans shows taking Niagen® (nicotinamide riboside) is one of the most efficient and consistently safe ways to increase our NAD+ levels. This research has culminated in the creation of Tru Niagen®, which contains the most studied form of NR currently on the market.

Here is everything you need to know about Tru Niagen®.

What is in Tru Niagen?

Tru Niagen® contains 300mg of Niagen® which is nicotinamide riboside (NR) packaged in a vegetarian capsule. This unique form of NR has 9+ published human clinical studies and 20+ in progress, 4 regulatory acceptances, and over a dozen patents behind it. Tru Niagen® is safe, thoroughly studied, and effective in increasing NAD+ levels by up to 50% in as little as 2 weeks.

What are NR and NAD+?

Nicotinamide riboside is a novel vitamin B3 that is nature-identical [ 1] [2] to the NR found in trace amounts in milk. NR is a precursor to NAD+, meaning our cells take in NR and convert it to NAD+. NAD+ helps generate ATP or 'cellular energy' in our mitochondria.

NAD+ is the central regulator of cellular metabolism. This encompasses many processes in our bodies, from converting food into energy to maintaining the overall health of our cells. Supporting NAD+ levels is of value to our bodies when they're faced with physiological stresses.

Why would I want to take Tru Niagen®?

Taking an NR supplement such as Tru Niagen® increases NAD+ levels, helping your cells stay healthy and resilient. This groundbreaking micronutrient helps maintain cellular health by increasing NAD+ and supporting cellular defense, providing an extra line of support to weather the daily stressors that impact our cells.

What can I expect while taking Tru Niagen®?

Tru Niagen® will start increasing NAD+ levels shortly after you take it and will continue to maintain those elevated NAD+ levels with regular supplementation. The increase in NAD+ levels leads to cellular benefits that you can't see but are still beneficial. Your cells will be more equipped to support cellular repair and resilience. By maintaining cellular health, you may experience a positive shift in your overall health. NAD+ works to support your cells throughout your body.

How long does it take to feel the benefits?

Like every supplement or lifestyle change in diets, your experience will vary depending on your age, diet, exercise, and sleep habits. It can also vary depending on each individual, as everyone experiences different results. You may not feel immediate benefits but be assured it is working on the cellular level to support your overall health.

You can purchase Tru Niagen® as low as $30 per month with subscription and get free delivery in the United States.

The impact of NAD+ continues to be researched as we already know it's a vital part of so many important processes in our bodies. Getting Tru Niagen® delivered right to your door will boost your NAD+ levels to help you stay healthy, supporting your cellular health from head to toe.

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