Stress, Anxious or Overwhelmed? The 3 Types of People who need Calm

Stress, Anxious or Overwhelmed? The 3 Types of People who need Calm

If you struggle to fall or stay asleep, you're not alone: 1 out of every 3 Americans don't get enough sleep, and it has concrete, negative effects on their lives. And it doesn't help that our anxiety levels are rising to epidemic proportions. That's why Calm created an app that gives you all the tools you need to get a good night's sleep or find some mental clarity at the touch of a button. With hundreds of nature soundscapes, bed-time stories, curated playlists, and meditation sessions, Calm is the #1 app in meditation and sleep for a reason: it works. Here are three different kinds of people the Calm app works miracles for.

Woke Up At 3AM With Racing Thoughts?

Maybe during the day, you don't feel like a particularly anxious person. But at night your mind starts racing. You wake up around 3 AM worrying about whether you remembered to pay a bill, how you'll manage your busy schedule, or if you accidentally hurt someone you love's feelings. Anything and everything. With the Calm app, you can start sleeping through the night in under a week. Try listening to short stories read by celebrities with calming voices, like the British actor Stephen Fry, as you fall asleep. You concentrate on their relaxing voices, and your mind can focus in on the slow and steady narratives, instead of running in a million different directions. This helps people fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. Pro tip: the stories are also really good if you don't like meditation but want to calm your nerves and focus your mind on your lunch break!

Feel Overwhelmed And Anxious?

Many people feel paralyzed by anxiety: like their brains turn off and they can't make decisions or proactively do anything. Or, if circumstances out of your control are constantly changing, you may feel overwhelmed by life. Calm's meditation sessions are a good choice for you. They have hundreds of audio meditation sessions that address self-esteem, anxiety, anger, just about anything you could need. The convenient phone app means you can find clarity anywhere you go, at the push of a button. Calm is also a great app for people who don't want to start a meditation app like Headspace that asks you to create a whole different daily routine or people who are skeptical of meditation. It feels more like a friend in your ear, giving you the tools to deal with your emotions and feel more balanced.

Trouble Falling Asleep?

Do you lie awake at night for an hour, or even two, or three before falling asleep? Getting 5-6 hours of sleep consistently can absolutely kill you during the day. With Calm, people fall asleep in 10-15 minutes. Try starting out with their nature soundscapes, like rain or waves. They're way better than white noise machines or nature recordings you find on YouTube that jolt you awake whenever the audio changes. Calm is nothing like that. They curate their audio recordings based on neuroscience, so they're designed specifically to help lull your body and mind to sleep. The difference in getting a full night's sleep makes it astounding. You can unlock a version of yourself that has more energy, better productivity, craves less sugar, and is just all around happier.

Calm adds new stories, soundscapes, and meditation classes every week, so there's always something new to try. For a one-time or annual fee that works out to less than two coffees a month, you can unlock the well-rested peace of mind you deserve - plus, you get the first week free!

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