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Clean Beauty's Hottest Hero: caliray beauty

Clean Beauty's Hottest Hero: caliray beauty

The glamor of Los Angeles mixed with the surf-roots of Laguna Beach
If there's one makeup brand that embodies the free-spirit of California, it's the state's own caliray beauty. They advertise the "dreamy wellness lifestyle made of clean makeup. dirty minds. & sexy sustainability" and they deliver it in cute packaging and effective products. The beachy bamboo and recycled materials are enough to get me excited, but with all makeup (and people): it's what's on the inside that counts.

Founders of caliray beauty Wende and Jenna moved to California and found a way to capture the best parts of it (the sex appeal, the salty air, the affinity to all things surf and sand, and the parties) and put it into a makeup lifestyle brand. I had scrolled through Sephora's app countless times seeing caliray's rave reviews (most products are over 4 stars), but I had to put their products to the test to find out for myself.

What I love about caliray is that they are vehemently dedicated to empowering women. Their badass attitude towards makeup and self-expression has made them a successful company, the good makeup and clean ingredients are just a plus. I was so surprised by some of their products that they are now staples in my routine.

So Blown Blurring & Hydrating Collagen Peptide Primer


I love when clean beauty incorporates skincare ingredients so I know it isn't clogging my pores. With a pore-blurring primer, that's super hard to accomplish, but with ingredients like Niacinamide, which controls oils and minimizes pores, you know it's doing its job. The collagen peptides help you reduce redness, and plump up your skin for a flawless application.

This primer has become my everyday primer because of how gorgeous it makes my skin look. It advertises a matte finish, but if your foundation is glowy it won't dull it down.

Freedreaming Blurring Lightweight Skin Tint


I always worry about skin tints because they transfer easily and can make me look oily as opposed to glowy. It's a risky game, and I'd rather wear nothing at all than look like a grease ball! But caliray's Freedreaming Skin Tint pleasantly surprised me.

Good for all skin types, it contains hydrating ingredients like glycerin to support a healthy skin barrier and smooths your skin tone. I like this for a "no makeup" makeup look, because it blurs the redness out of my skin and covers blemishes, but let's my freckles shine through.

Endless Sunset Face and Eyeshadow Talc-Free Palette


Across all websites, the caliray palette has almost 5-stars so I had to know what it was all about. I stuck this in my makeup bag for weekends away and it saves so much space because it's an eyeshadow and face palette all in one. You can create a billion different looks- both natural and sultry - that fit every situation.

I personally am obsessed with the blush shade and top it off with the pink highlight. Then, I use the brown shades to create a nice eye look and top it off with sparkles if I'm trying to spice things up a bit. If you buy one caliray product recommended by me, buy this one.

Hi! Light Radiant Glow Highlighter


I've been a fan of pink-y highlighters this year, especially because they can double as blushes in most cases. This highlighter has the WOW factor...and a little goes a very long way here.

Seriously, this is a blinding highlighter that will last you forever. The formula is silky smooth and glides right onto your skin, and I'm seriously considering never buying another highlight again.

Surfproof Hydrating Setting Spray with Niacinamide


The ingredient so nice, Hailey Bieber uses it twice! Niacinamide is here to tighten those pores up for one more flawless finish. The main ingredients help deliver hydration, provide oil control, and support your skin barrier while reducing the look of pores. Like all of caliray's products, it's vegan, gluten-free, and cruelty-free and it's one of their most highly rated products.

I've been loving the way my makeup looks with caliray's products so far, and there's only one product left to try.

Glazed and Infused No Burn Plumping Lip Gloss


I cannot live without trying every single brand's lip products. In every article I talk about how it's a staple for everyone..and I chose this plumping gloss in the shade Likely Story. It's a good everyday shade that gives my lips a moisturized, glassy look.

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